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Sony WH1000XM3 vs. Bose QC35 II: Which should you buy?

We’re a virtual company made up of tech experts from across the globe. While Android is our passion, we also know that a great pair of headphones is the perfect companion to any phone.

Sony WH1000XM3

Our pick

$ 348 at Amazon

Pros Excellent sound quality “Only Music, Nothing Else” noise canceling Up to 30 hours of battery Fast charging via USB Type-C Cons Heavier and larger than the QC35 II

The WH1000XM3 are Sony’s  [Read More…]

Jabra Elite 85h vs. Bose QC35 II

Owners of the Bose QC35 IIs will tell you that these headphones are by far the most comfortable ANC headphones around. Meanwhile the Jabra Elite 85h are fairly new and are already turning heads by competing with the top ANC headphones.

Ridiculous Battery Life

Jabra Elite 85h

$ 300 at Best Buy

Pros Bluetooth 5.0 Ridiculously long battery life Smartphone app Cons Lack of higher quality Bluetooth codecs Sound leakage

The Jabra Elite 85h is  [Read More…]

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 vs Bose QC35 II: Which should you buy?

The Bose QC35 and its successors the QC 35 IIs have been insanely popular headphones for travel over the past several years. Ever since its release, users have been wondering when a revised model would come out. With the release of the Boise Noise Canceling 700, it looks like Bose has finally fulfilled that void.

Bose Noise Canceling 700

Modern Bose ANC headphones

$ 400 at Amazon

Pros USB-C for charging Touch controls 11 step noise  [Read More…]

Should you buy the Bose QC35 or QC25 headphones this Cyber Monday?

Here’s the kind of difference $ 190 makes.

Cyber Monday is one of the best times of year to buy all sorts of tech gadgets, headphones being one of them. Bose has a few different products discounted this year, two of which are its QC35 and QC25 noise-canceling headphones. You really can’t go wrong with either pair, but with $ 190 separating the two, there are some clear differences.

First thing’s first, let’s talk about what’s the  [Read More…]

Best Bose QC35 replacement earpads

The Bose QC35s are extremely comfortable to wear, and a large part of this is thanks to the excellent earpads that come installed out of the box. The leather material both looks and feels great, but as we all know, leather isn’t indestructible. Should you need to ever get replacement earpads, these are the ones we recommend buying!

Looks just like the original Tranesca Replacement Ear Pads

Tranesca’s replacement earpads are made out of top quality protein leather  [Read More…]

5 cheaper alternatives to the Bose QC35

We’ve shown a lot of love for the Bose QC35s here on Android Central, and while we definitely recommend checking them out, we also understand that not everyone is willing to throw down $ 350 on a pair of headphones. If you still want a pair of quality cans but also want to save some cash, these are our five favorite cheaper alternatives!

For the bass lovers Sony XB950N1 Extra Bass Wireless Headphones

The XB950N1 pack a big  [Read More…]

What’s different about the Bose QC35 Series I and Series II?

Best answer: The main difference between the Bose QC35 Series I and Series II is that the latter supports Google Assistant and Alexa. It’s the model we recommend getting.

Amazon: Bose QC35 Series II ($ 349)

The Bose QC35 Series II has built-in Google Assistant and Alexa

The big feature of the Series II that you won’t find on Series I is built-in voice commands with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Using the side button  [Read More…]

Best Bose QC35 replacement carrying cases

So, you’ve lost the carrying case that came with your Bose QC35s. Fear not, because there are plenty of third-party cases to choose from! We’ve picked through all of them to find the very best ones available. Without further ado, here’s what we found!

Super stylish and easy on the wallet LinkIdea Headphones Carrying Case

LinkIdea’s case is incredibly stylish while still protecting your QC35s from the outside world. It’s ready for all your wear and tear thanks  [Read More…]

Bose QC35 vs. Soundlink Wireless Headphones II: Which should you buy?

We’re a virtual company made up of tech experts from across the globe. While Android is our passion, we also know that a great pair of headphones is the perfect companion to any phone.

Bose QC35

Noise-canceling beast

$ 349 at Amazon

Pros Noise-canceling Up to 20 hours of battery life Google Assistant and Alexa built-in Cons Expensive

If you want the best wireless Bose headphones you can buy in 2018, the QC35s are the  [Read More…]

Should you buy the Bose QC35 refurbished and where should you buy them?

Find out if the refurbished route is right for you!

If you’re in the market for a pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones, there’s a very good chance that the Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series I or II) is at the top of your shopping list.

Bose is one of the dominant forces when it comes to consumer audio gadgets, and while the QC35’s aren’t perfect, they offer a winning combo of great design, excellent sound quality, long-lasting battery  [Read More…]