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Google’s new Read Along app will appeal to privacy conscious parents

Google is speeding up the development of new tools to enable better learning from home.

What you need to know Google’s new Read Along app wants to help reluctant readers grow. A reading budding Ziya and a badge system will provide reinforcement and motivation respectively. For parents, a lack of IAPs and ads may aid in peace of mind.

Alongside a Lens update for learning foreign languages earlier today, Google is also rolling out a new Read  [Read More…]

You can now read along to the lyrics of a song on YouTube Music

The lyrics are static, however, and you need to scroll through them.

What you need to know The iOS and Android apps for YouTube Music are getting a new lyrics page. It’ll show a static version of lyrics for the song. This means that they won’t scroll through automatically as the song plays.

Google has been working on a redesign of the YouTube Music playback screen, and it’s now rolling out a new lyrics page for the  [Read More…]

Read up on your favorite heroes with 2 free months of ComiXology Unlimited

Comixology Unlimited is Amazon’s virtual library for digital comics and graphic novels, and right now you can score 60 days of access for free for a limited time! Now’s the perfect time to give it a try while local libraries close due to coronavirus. If you’ve never signed into Comixology before, you’ll be able to use your exisiting Amazon account to login.

At Comixology, you can find digital comics by top publishers like DC and Marvel. There’s a ton of  [Read More…]

A new patent indicates the PS5 controller might read biometric data

More Sony patents emerge, shedding light on possible future controller plans.

What you need to know A new patent has been filed by Sony for a different design of controller. This patent is for features on a controller that could read biometric data from players for gameplay feedback. The PlayStation 5 controller has not been described as having any of these features so far.

More and more Sony patents for possibly controller designs are continuing to appear.  [Read More…]

How to disable read receipts in WhatsApp for Android

List most messaging services, WhatsApp has a read receipts feature that lets you know when a recipient has read your message. But the feature isn’t liked by everyone, and if you feel like you’re being pressurized to respond to a message just because of read receipts, there’s an easy way to disable it in WhatsApp for Android.

Products used in this guide Fast and smooth: OnePlus 7 Pro ($ 600 at Amazon) How to disable read receipts in  [Read More…]

Kindle Oasis 2019 long-term review: So good it makes you want to read more

With adjustable warm lighting and subtle design tweaks, the Kindle Oasis 2019 is a great upgrade to a fantastic e-reader.

How do you improve on something that is already the best in the market? That is the question Amazon had to ask itself with the Kindle Oasis 2019. It debuted earlier this year, and while there you may not make out any differences in design from its predecessor, there are a few notable features.

Of course, you  [Read More…]

Hulu is about to make its menus easier to read

Backgrounds and text will now have more contrast as part of a push for better accessibility.

Hulu has one of the more … creative and colorful schemes of the major streaming services. It’s also not always the easiest thing to read. Form and function at odds, as they ever were.

But that’s about to change a little bit. Hulu — as part of a push for better accessibility — is making the down-menu items less transparent. Which absolutely makes  [Read More…]

Microsoft Edge beta on Android now supports Read Aloud feature

Microsoft Edge beta on Android can now read webpages out loud, improving web accessibility.

What you need to know Microsoft Edge beta on Android now supports reading pages out loud. The feature improves accessibility and gives users another option for consuming the web. Read aloud is already supported on Microsoft Edge for Windows 10, Mac, and iOS.

The latest beta release of Microsoft Android on Android supports the Read Aloud feature. This allows users to have webpages  [Read More…]

The Kindle Oasis has transformed how I read books for the better

There are few products I use more than my Kindle. Over the course of the last decade, I went through seven different models, with the Kindle Paperwhite seeing the most usage. But I ultimately made the switch to a Kindle Oasis in 2018, and it has been a revelation.

Best e-reader I’ve ever used Kindle Oasis

$ 250 at Amazon

There really isn’t anything better.

Spending $ 250 on an e-reader is a  [Read More…]

Turn on message read receipts, you cowards

Not every message needs a reply — let’s all help each other out.

One of the biggest benefits of modern messaging systems is the ability to send more than just basic text chats back and forth. On top of high-resolution media, audio clips, huge groups, reactions and more, one of the biggest revelations has been delivery and read receipts for messages. Press send, and you immediately know whether the message was actually delivered at the other person’s  [Read More…]