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MLB The Show 20 review: A worthy substitute for the real thing

Play ball — just about any way you want to play it.

These are unusual times. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Major League Baseball decided to suspend spring training and delay the start of its regular season, meaning the only kind of big league ball being played for the foreseeable future is of the video game variety. Happily, MLB The Show 20 has arrived for PlayStation 4, making incremental but real additions on top of what was  [Read More…]

How to watch Real Madrid vs. Barcelona live stream online

Watch La Liga big guns do battle in crucial clash that could be pivotal in the title race.

La Liga is on a knife edge with just two points separating both these two teams. The timing therefore couldn’t be better for this latest installment of EL Classico. Don’t miss a kick by following or Barcelona vs Real Madrid live stream guide below.

With Real currently sitting in second and having suffered a 2-1 midweek loss at home to Man  [Read More…]

Vice reveals BlackVue dashcam GPS data was available in real time

“One script could collect the location data of every BlackVue user who had mapping enabled on the eastern half of the United States every two minutes.”

What you need to know Vice tech outlet Motherboard was able to pull GPS location data for BlackVue users. It reverse-engineered the iOS app and tracked users over a week-long period. BlackVue has confirmed that this wasn’t supposed to be possible and appears to have fixed the problem.

A report has  [Read More…]

RhinoShield’s Impact Skin provides real protection for your Galaxy Note 10

That Samsung Galaxy Note 10 you carry in your pocket holds the keys to your entire life. It’s a mighty mini-computer that gives you instant access to the internet, helps you find your way from one location to another, video chat your parents, store all the addresses and phone numbers of every person you’ve ever met, and perform a bazillion other tasks day in and day out.

Since your Note 10 is such an integral part of your  [Read More…]

California gets its first real alert through Earthquake Early Warning app

Well, 40 people got the warning…

What you need to know California residents have received their first-ever real earthquake alert. The alert went out via the MyShake app, for an earthquake in Parkfield, CA. More than 40 people received the alert about 1 second before it hit.

A select number of California residents have received the first-ever public alert through the app MyShake, a statewide Earthquake Early Warning System.

As reported by LA Times, the alert was  [Read More…]

Here’s the ‘real’ reason why the Google Pixel 4 lacks 4K/60fps support

Both the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL top out at 4K/30fps.

What you need to know Pixel camera product manager Isaac Reynolds has said that the Pixel 4 series doesn’t support 4K/60fps because “nobody actually needs it.” Most Android flagship phones released this year support 4K video recording at up to 60fps. Reynolds also revealed that the face-retouching feature for the two phones was developed by utilizing the expertise of wedding photographers.

In an interview with  [Read More…]

Dress up real nice with The Division 2’s new Explorers apparel event

Get some sweet new outfits in The Division 2 as we wait for the next big update.

What you need to know Title Update 5.2 is rolling out today. Adds new apparel sets, including one that looks like an astronaut. A series of fixes also included for PC and console.

As agents wait oh so (im)patiently for Title Update 6 and Episode 2 to arrive — both are slated for October — there’s a new, smaller update  [Read More…]

Sonos Move review: A real pick-me-up

Sonos finally made a battery-powered speaker, and it’s fantastic.

The Sonos Move was reportedly created because the company kept getting feedback from its most ardent supporters that they wanted two things: a battery-powered Sonos that could be transported and easily moved; and a speaker more powerful and bass-heavy than the Sonos One.

The Move is precisely those two things, a Play:3 replacement that sounds better than the Sonos One but also a portable Bluetooth speaker that can  [Read More…]

Is Visible offering real Unlimited Data?

Best answer: Yes! Visible will never slow down your data just because you’re using a lot of it, meaning you’re free to stream and browse to your heart’s content. New and existing customers can currently get unlimited LTE speeds with the service, but at a later date, Visible will implement a speed cap of 5Mbps.

Truly unlimited: Visible ($ 40/month at Visible) Works with Visible: Google Pixel 3a ($ 400 at Amazon) You can use as much  [Read More…]

OnePlus 7 Pro camera improvements are real, but they’re not spectacular

Improvements across the board just a month after release.

The OnePlus 7 Pro took important steps up in camera hardware, with a new main sensor and fresh set of supporting cameras. But the end result of these improvements was a similar story to the OnePlus 6T: photos that were good, not great, and certainly not challenging the top-end flagships — particularly in low light.

Now less than a month after release, OnePlus has a fresh software update  [Read More…]