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Montblanc’s refreshed Summit 2+ Wear OS watch adds LTE

An elegant and connected Wear OS smartwatch.

What you need to know The Summit 2+ is Montblanc’s Wear OS smartwatch for 2020. It’s an upgrade over the Summit 2 and prides itself on offering LTE, a full day of battery life in regular use, and interchangeable straps. It will come in three colors: black, steel and rose-gold.

Montblanc has just announced the Summit 2+, a smartwatch aimed at people who enjoy nice watches, traveling, and are physically  [Read More…]

Huawei unveils refreshed P30 Pro with new design, colors, and Android 10

‘New’ P30 Pro in Misty Lavender and Mystic Blue unveiled at IFA, along with EMUI 10 update.

What you need to know There are two new colors for the Huawei P30 Pro, each with a Pixel-style two-tone finish on the back. The new colors coincide with the P30 Pro’s EMUI 10 software update, based on Android 10. We’re still expecting the new Mate 30 series from Huawei in late September.

One the best Android phones of the moment  [Read More…]

The standard OnePlus 7 is a refreshed 6T for international markets

A refreshed OnePlus 6T with some OnePlus 7 Pro specs and styling — for an affordable price.

The OnePlus 7 Pro is the company’s latest high-end phone — and what a phone it is — but it isn’t the only phone it released today. Even though we didn’t hear a peep about it at the launch event, outside of North America there’s also a standard OnePlus 7 to slot underneath the 7 Pro and offer a different value  [Read More…]

Plex adds podcasts to its refreshed mobile app

Add podcasts to your Plex Media Library as well as being treated to a nicer mobile application.

Podcasts are important to a lot of us, but if your personal media is organized with Plex then you’re still going off to another application to get your fix. That all changes as Plex is announcing the launch of podcast support for its users.

We’re excited to be launching Podcasts in beta inside Plex today on iOS, Android, Roku,  [Read More…]

Pandora Android TV app gains Premium support, refreshed UI, and more

A new look and feel for your tunes.

Pandora might not be the first music streaming service to come to your mind, but even as the likes of Spotify and Apple Music continue to grow, there’s no denying its place in the streaming market. Pandora announced earlier this month that it’d (sort of) be expanding on-demand listening to Plus and free members, and now the company’s released a fairly large update to its Android TV app.

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Adobe Lightroom mobile goes ‘Android native’ with slightly refreshed interface

Just because an update looks small doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

Adobe has updated its Lightroom Mobile app for Android with an all-new “Android native” interface, though the changes aren’t as big as you’d think with such a proclamation. The main change to the experience is better labeling of buttons and simpler sliders that make sense on a (relatively) small screen that’s used exclusively with touch.

Lightroom Mobile continues to  [Read More…]

Tesla app gets refreshed UI and fingerprint authentication

If you own a Tesla, we’re jealous of you. But you’re also in for a treat, as the Android app that controls your car is being updated with a refreshed and quite pretty user interface.

Also added in the update is support for fingerprint authentication, so you can use your fingerprint for unlocking your car. Once inside the app, you can control charging, turn on the climate control, and even summon your vehicle from a garage or parking spot.

If  [Read More…]

Skype gains a refreshed interface and new features on Android tablets

Microsoft has released Skype 7.0 for Android, with the new version of the VoIP client adding a revamped user interface for tablet owners, along with new features.

Microsoft says:

We’ve redesigned the tablet UI from the ground up, bringing a number of material design inspired elements. The new floating action button (FAB) makes it faster to send messages and start voice and video calls with friends or groups—all from the main screen of  [Read More…]

TripIt update adds Android Wear support, slightly refreshed app design

Longtime front runner in the travel app space TripIt is releasing a fresh update to its Android app today that includes Android Wear support. With the latest update, TripIt users will get all of the time-sensitive travel info they need right on their Android Wear watch, from pre-departure flight updates to gate information and onward travel arrangements when you arrive at your destination.

TripIt is also leveraging the always-ready  [Read More…]

Vertu’s refreshed Signature Touch brings high-end specs with a luxury price tag

Luxury (and we mean luxury) smartphone maker Vertu has announced a refreshed version of its Signature Touch smartphone, bringing a sizable bump in specs to the fore.