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Kerbal Space Program 2 delayed, now set to release in Fall 2021

It’ll be a while longer before you can prep the rockets.

What you need to know Kerbal Space Program 2 was announced at Gamescom 2019. The game was originally scheduled to release in 2020. It has now been delayed to sometime in Fall 2021.

Kerbal Space Program 2 was first announced back at Gamescom 2019, as part of the Opening Night Live at Gamescom 2019. Originally scheduled to release in 2020, it’s being pushed back, as the  [Read More…]

Here’s how Google just changed the Android 11 release schedule

Things have changed in the short term, but are sticking to the plan for the final release.

Without a Google I/O conference to align with, and plenty of other obstacles in the world right now, Google has decided to shift the release timeline of Android 11. We don’t yet know if the end launch date has been “delayed” per se, because we never had so much as a month that it’d be released, let alone a specific  [Read More…]

Desperados III is set to release on June 16

Take a new look at this upcoming stealth adventure.

What you need to know Desperados III is a tactical stealth game set before the events of the original Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive. The game is now set to release on June 16, 2020. There’s a new trailer showing off more gameplay. You can preorder Desperados III on PlayStation 4 for $ 60 at Amazon.

Developed by Mimimi Games and published by THQ Nordic, Desperados III is  [Read More…]

Save £10 on a Disney Plus subscription ahead of its official UK release

If you reside in the UK and have been waiting for Disney Plus to become officially available, the wait is nearly over. Starting March 24, customers across the UK, Italy, Spain, and more will have access to all the content, and signing up before then scores you a nice extra discount on the annual subscription. Normally, Disney would charge £59.99 for the yearly subscription, but right now you can save £10 on that price, making it just £49.99 for 12  [Read More…]

Android 11 will have six betas before a public release in Q3 2020

That’s three developer previews, followed by three open betas.

What you need to know Google released the first Developer Preview for Android 11 earlier today. It’s also detailed its plans for testing Android 11 going forward. The first preview will be followed by two more. Then, Google will have three betas before a final release in Q3 2020.

Google sped things up a bit this year by releasing the first Developer Preview for Android 11 a month  [Read More…]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7 finally has a release date

The long-awaited final season of The Clone Wars is about to land on Disney+

What you need to know The Clone Wars season 7 begins on Monday, February 17. 12 episodes in total will air weekly every Monday on Disney+. This will be the final season for The Clone Wars animated series.

Did you love the Mandalorian and are bummed by the fact that you’ll have to wait nine whole months until season 2 comes out? While  [Read More…]

Ghost of Tsushima gets stunning cinematic trailer and release window

Sucker Punch has been hard at work and it looks to have been paying off.

What you need to know Ghost of Tsushima received a new extended trailer at The Game Awards. The trailer picks up where its State of Play teaser left off, and is 4-minutes long. It will release Summer 2020.

A few days ago during Sony’s last State of Play livestream for the year, a short trailer for Ghost of Tsushima was revealed, with  [Read More…]

You won’t be getting the release date for Overwatch 2 soon, Blizzard says

We’re not going to be jumping into story missions for a while.

What you need to know Blizzard announced Overwatch 2 during the opening ceremony of BlizzCon 2019. No release date has been announced for Overwatch 2. According to Blizzard, the release date won’t be announced for some time yet. You can grab the original Overwatch for $ 24 at Amazon.

One of Blizzard’s multiple announcements during BlizzCon 2019 was Overwatch 2, an ostensible sequel that is  [Read More…]

Nioh 2 has a new trailer showing the release date, set for March 2020

Check out the latest trailer for Nioh 2, which gives the release date for the game.

What you need to know Nioh 2 is an upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title from Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo. There’s a new trailer for the game setting the release date for March 13, 2020. There’s also an open beta coming, which will begin on November 1. You can grab the original Nioh for $ 18 from Amazon.

Nioh 2 has  [Read More…]

Darksiders Genesis set to release on consoles in 2020, PC in December

Different versions releasing at different times.

What you need to know Darksiders Genesis is a top-down game with Diablo-like gameplay. The release date for the game has been announced, with different versions coming at different times. The console version is set to release on February 14, 2020 while the PC and Stadia versions are coming in December. You can preorder Darksiders Genesis for $ 40 at Amazon.

Darksiders Genesis is a change from past Darksiders games, trading  [Read More…]