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Disney appoints Bob Chapek as new CEO, replacing Bob Iger

Chapek will be the company’s seventh CEO.

What you need to know Disney CEO Bob Iger is stepping down as chief executive of Walt Disney Co. Bob Chapek, who has worked with Disney for 27 years, has been named Iger’s successor. Bob Iger will continue as the company’s executive chairman until the end of 2021.

In what can only be described as a shocking move, Bob Iger is stepping down as chief executive officer of Walt Disney  [Read More…]

Flaw found in Bluetooth Titan Security Keys, Google is replacing them

Keep using your key for now, but grab the free replacement just in case.

What you need to know This only affects the Bluetooth version of the Titan Key. Google is offering a free replacement for every user. The key will stop working with the iOS 12.3 update. The key will stop working with the June 2019 Security Patch for Android.

Google has issued an advisory for users of the Bluetooth version of its Titan Security Key  [Read More…]

Google One is replacing Drive for paid online storage

The service also comes with expert help, Play credits, and more.

Google I/O may be over, but that doesn’t mean Google-centric announcements stop. Today, the search giant announced that it’s upgrading its paid Drive storage plans under a new Google One moniker.

Similar to what you can get with Drive storage right now, Google One will allow users to buy additional space in the cloud for housing all of your files across Google Photos, Gmail, and Drive.  [Read More…]

I, for one, am totally ok with Chromebooks replacing Android tablets

Let’s face it, Android tablets have sucked since the Nexus 7.

I have used just about every Android tablet since the original Galaxy Tab. I loved the HTC Flyer with its stylus, docked the Moto Zoom so I could attach a keyboard and do “real work” on it. My kids have all used Kindle Fire tablets to read books and play games. I was all in on the Lenovo Yoga Book when it first came out. The  [Read More…]

Bell Mobility takes a first step in replacing SMS in Canada

Bell has launched its version of the RCS standard for Galaxy S8 users.

Slowly but surely, more carriers are starting to move to RCS to hopefully begin replacing SMS over the long run. All the pieces are in place in Android phones for RCS, since Google has built the standard into the Android Messages app. But users won’t be able to actually use the new standard until their carriers update their piece of the puzzle.

Bell Canada  [Read More…]

Phablets replacing tablets for mobile web usage, according to Adobe

Adobe has published a new report on the continued growth of mobile usage around the world, particularly when it comes to web access. The report, which highlights the fact that though mobile web access is rising, the use of tablets is actually shrinking, with customers instead opting for so-called “phablets,” large-screen phones like the Nexus 6P.

From Adobe:

“There was a time when tablet browsing surpassed smartphone browsing, and that trajectory was expected to continue,”  [Read More…]

Skype for Business officially launches for Android, replacing Lync 2013

Microsoft has officially launched its enterprise-themed VoIP client Skype for Business for Android devices. Microsoft offered a preview version for IT admins to try out in October before today’s release.

YouTube to replacing in-video annotations with new Cards format

Google has announced that it will slowly begin replacing annotations in YouTube videos with a new Cards format, which is designed to work on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Google said they heard from YouTube video creators they wanted more flexibility with the information shown during annotations, along with mobile support. The new Cards are the company’s solution to those issues.

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Motorola’s replacing AT&T’s Nexus 6 stock due to bad software

The Nexus 6 hasn’t been out on the market for very long, but apparently the AT&T version has run into some issues… at least some of them have. Apparently at least a few devices had issues with bad software (the phone is one of the first to run Android 5.0 Lollipop), displaying a blank screen when turned on. As you can imagine, that makes the phone hard to use.

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More info points towards “Google” button replacing home button in nav bar

We’ve heard that the next version of Android will have some major changes to the user interface. In fact, many of the rumored changes I don’t even like! But one of the rumors was that Google will be replacing the home button in the navigation bar with a “Google” button, and the latest info suggests that it might be true.

Android navigation buttons

The new button design is actually pretty attractive, with  [Read More…]