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Why smart products that require a smartphone app aren’t always a smart buy

Your phone is probably on your person and working right now. But that’s not always the case.

I will go out on a limb and say that everyone reading this has a smartphone within reach at this very moment. In fact, most people reading this are doing so on their smartphones. Our phones have become an extension of our arms and we depend on them for a lot of things.

Unfortunately, I’m seeing other products that also  [Read More…]

Copyright claims on YouTube now require timestamps

There are also new tools for dealing with copyrighted music in a video.

What you need to know YouTube now requires an exact timestamp for manual copyright claims. Copyright holders that abuse the manual claim system will lose access to it. There are new tools for muting copyrighted music or replacing it with another track.

Copyright claims on YouTube are a necessary evil. They’re important for copyright owners to claim content of theirs if it’s being used  [Read More…]

Which smart bulbs don’t require a hub?

Best answer: There are plenty of options from brands like C by GE and Eufy, but LIFX makes the best smart bulbs that don’t need a hub. They’re pricey, but they work well and play nicely with other smart home gadgets.

Amazon: LIFX A19 ($ 46)

No hubs needed

Philips Hue may be the most recognizable brand in the smart home space, but to many users’ frustration, you need a hub to use its bulbs. This  [Read More…]

The best smart light switches that don’t require a neutral wire

Best answer: There are a lot of homes wired before the National Electric Code required every light switch junction box to have a neutral wire. If you live in one, you’ll be faced with this issue should you decide to install smart switches in your wall. The good news is that there are smart switches you can use that don’t need a neutral wire. The bad news is that they all require the purchase of a secondary  [Read More…]

These smart thermostats don’t require a C wire

The C wire (“common” wire) is the wire that provides continuous power to your thermostat. Older thermostats didn’t really need it because they were simple on/off affairs, but smart thermostats, what with their displays and constant connection to Wi-Fi, need continuous power. That being said, if you don’t already have a C wire in your system, you can get around having to install one with these smart thermostats.

Simple and straightforward Nest Thermostat E

This stripped-down version of  [Read More…]

Newton Mail’s latest feature surfaces emails that require a follow-up; now costs $99 yearly

Newton Mail’s recap feature ensures you don’t miss important emails.

Gmail’s redesign earlier this year saw the introduction of a feature called Nudge that reminds you to respond to emails. Nudge looks through your inbox to find actionable emails, and it’ll surface the mails to the top of your inbox along with a note showing when you’ve received the mail.

Newton Mail — one of the most feature-rich mail clients available today — is getting a similar  [Read More…]

Changes to Google Play Store will require apps to be optimized for newer Android versions

Android security depends on secure apps and Google has some big plans.

Google has made some significant announcements on its Android Developers Blog centering around some new policies developers will need to follow to continue publishing to the Play Store. Google says that starting in August 2018 all new apps submitted will need to target Android Oreo, and in November 2018 updates to existing apps will need to do the same. In addition, starting early in 2018 there will  [Read More…]

You no longer require an invite to purchase the OnePlus X

Have you found yourself in the position where you really wanted to purchase the OnePlus X as your next smartphone but have simply been unable to obtain an invitation? You’ll now be able to place an order for the handset without having a special invite. As-of-today, OnePlus is scrapping the system for the OnePlus X.

This marks the shortest amount of time any smartphone released by the company has made it into the invite-free camp,  [Read More…]

OnePlus 2 will no longer require an invite, OnePlus X goes invite-free Dec. 5 – 7

Starting December 5, OnePlus will no longer have an invite system in place for the OnePlus 2. This means you’ll be able to purchase it like you would any other smartphone, by simply heading to the company’s site and placing your order. In addition, OnePlus will be offering the OnePlus X invite-free from December 5 through the 7.

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Facebook could launch an app that won’t require people to use their real names

Facebook may be working on a new stand alone mobile app that will allow its users to interact with others but without using their real names, and that app could be released in a matter of weeks.