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Will the hidden blade return in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

Best answer: Yes. After its notable absence in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the hidden blade, a fan and story favorite, is returning in Valhalla.

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What is the hidden blade and why is it important?

The hidden blade has long been the preferred weapon of the Assassins Brotherhood in the series. It’s a concealed, wrist-mounted blade that made it easy to perform stealth assassinations. In much of  [Read More…]

Google doesn’t plan on a return to offices before June 1

The worst may be behind us, but a return to normalcy will not be as rapid as the path into crisis.

What you need to know Google is planning a slow, gradual return to office life Site-specific guidance will be deployed, and teams will continue to monitor local health alerts and guidance even after a return has begun. It won’t make any movements before June 1, citing stay-at-home orders and local equivalents.

Alphabet was one of the  [Read More…]

Valve says it hopes Half-Life: Alyx is the return of the series

Don’t get your hopes up for Half-Life 3 just yet, but we could be seeing more Half-Life projects in the future.

What you need to know Half-Life: Alyx releases on March 23. This VR-only title is the first entry in the series in over 10 years. Valve now says that it hopes this marks a return to the series instead of being a concluding chapter.

With Half-Life: Alyx set to release this month, Game Informer sat down  [Read More…]

Call of Duty Mobile update adds new game modes and the return of an old map

Revisit the Scrapyard map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

What you need to know The update adds Scrapyard map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Adds new Rapid Fire Multiplayer game mode and a 20-vs-20 Warfare mode in Battle Royale. The new Season 3 Battle Pass kicks off on January 19.

After earning recognition as the Best Mobile Game of 2019 from Android Central and Google Play alike, Call of Duty Mobile is kicking  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite specs: The 3.5mm jack makes a triumphant return

The Note 10 Lite has a 3.5mm jack and S Pen, but it won’t be sold everywhere.

The Galaxy Note 10 Lite is now official, and there’s a lot to like. Samsung essentially went with a plastic design to bring down the costs, but it hasn’t limited the internal hardware. The Note 10 Lite comes with the same S Pen that you get with the full-fledged Note 10 series, and what’s even more interesting is that the  [Read More…]

Return to the Carribbean with Tropico 6

While city building and management games might be a popular genre on PC it’s less often that you see them ported over to consoles. Tropico 6 has long been an exception to this rule, delivering a fun take on building up an island empire. You play as El Presidente, the leader of a small caribbean nation as you move from colonial eras to the modern day.

Tropico 6 delivers the newest installment in the franchise with great updates  [Read More…]

Huawei drops lawsuit after U.S. agrees to return seized equipment

The U.S. government has detained Huawei’s telecommunications equipment for two years.

What you need to know Huawei has dropped its lawsuit against the U.S government after it agreed to return equipment that was seized in 2017. The equipment has been detained for the past two years for “unidentified export violation concerns.” After filing the lawsuit on June 21, 2019, the U.S. determined in August the equipment did not require an export license and will be shipping the  [Read More…]

Return of the Obra Dinn drifts onto PlayStation 4 soon

It has that nostalgic look.

What you need to know Return of the Obra Dinn is a first-person mystery game on PC. It’s coming to consoles this year. The game focuses on the disappearance of a merchant ship. You can purchase it for $ 20 on Steam.

Around the same time last year, a game called Return of the Obra Dinn delighted gamers on PC. It not only garnered great reviews, but in many ways, it regarded  [Read More…]

Fortnite ‘The Return’ limited-time challenges leak online

The latest challenges leaked ahead of the weekly update.

Season X of Fortnite is here, and with it comes significant changes to the way players will be completing challenges. Instead of one week of challenges, players will now be completing missions, which are thematic objectives for those who have the Season X Battle Pass.

However, instead of daily challenges — which have been a mainstay in the game ever since Season 1 — Season X has  [Read More…]

Moto Z4 leak reveals Moto Mods connector, return of the headphone jack

Motorola is bringing back the headphone jack with the Moto Z4.

We got a good look at the Moto Z4 a few months ago via a leaked render, and a recent leak from Evan Blass shows off the phone from all angles. Motorola’s upcoming flagship is set to offer a tiny waterdrop cutout at the top, and it looks like it will also be compatible with the Moto Mod ecosystem.

‏ But the biggest change is the  [Read More…]