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Learn how to utilize Instagram to grow your brand and generate more revenue

Celebrities and influencers aren’t the only ones dominating Instagram. Brands have the capability to rake in a considerable amount of followers, too. With Instagram being such a popular platform — 1 billion active users are no joke — it’s fertile ground to amass customers for your business, but you can only do it if you know the right strategies to employ and the right content to share. The 10 Instagram Growth Secrets From Celebrities & Influencers Course can teach you how  [Read More…]

Alphabet posts strong $41 billion in Q1 revenue despite coronavirus impact

A relatively strong quarter comes in under the shadow of coronavirus-forced issues ahead.

What you need to know Alphabet’s Q1 2020 revenues were $ 41 billion, up 13% year over year. Ad revenue experienced a “significant slowdown” in March, but YouTube ads still gained 33% year over year. Google’s “other” revenues, including its hardware division, posted revenues up 22% year over year.

Alphabet’s first quarter earnings are in, and Google’s parent company posted another slate of relatively  [Read More…]

Huawei’s Google blacklist led to a $12 billion revenue shortfall in 2019

Without Google apps, Huawei’s hardware loses its appeal for most.

What you need to know Huawei has been unable to work with Google since its inclusion on the Entity List in May 2019. The company thought it could handle the loss by creating its own replacement for Google’s services on top of its already good hardware. Huawei was in-fact not able to handle it and reported a shortfall of $ 12 billion.

Huawei’s first year without Google  [Read More…]

Streaming services made up nearly 80% of U.S. music revenue in 2019

The report notes that the streaming market in 2019 was bigger than the entire U.S. recorded music market two years back.

What you need to know The year-end 2019 music revenue report from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has revealed that paid subscriptions to on-demand streaming services jumped by 25% in 2019. Total revenue from streaming music increased by 19.9% last year, accounting for 79.5% of all recorded music last year. The number of paid  [Read More…]

App revenue increased by almost a quarter to $21.9b in 2019 Q3

What you need to know App revenue increased by 23%. $ 21.9 billion was spent. App Store makes up the lion’s share.

Games continue to prove popular on mobile.

Independent developers might be struggling to make money in various app stores, but there is money going somewhere. App revenue has increased to $ 21.9 billion for the third quarter of 2019, up from $ 17.9 billion the previous year. That’s growth of a massive 22.9%.

These numbers  [Read More…]

Alphabet saw slowest revenue growth in three years during Q1 2019

Expenses increased by 16.5% up to $ 29.7 billion.

Right on time, Google’s parent company Alphabet held its Q1 2019 earnings call on April 29 to enlighten everyone about its performance over the last three months. While there were quite a few wins announced during the call, there is one loss that stands out quite a bit.

Alphabet’s quarterly revenue hit $ 36.6 billion, and while that’s certainly a good heap of money, it’s lower than Wall  [Read More…]

Huawei posts record $107 billion in revenue for 2018

Huawei’s U.S. troubles haven’t affected its bottom line in any meaningful way.

2018 was a turbulent year for Huawei in the U.S., but it looks like its troubles haven’t had any impact on the company’s bottom line. In spite of political headwinds in Western markets, Huawei posted revenues of $ 107 billion (721.2 billion yuan) for the year, surpassing the $ 100 billion mark for the first time. Overall revenue was up 19.5% from 2017, and Huawei  [Read More…]

Apple lowers revenue guidance for Q1 due to fewer iPhone upgrades than expected

iPhone XS Max

Apple today issued a note to investors, and it contains some interesting info regarding iPhone sales.

Apple CEO Tim Cook today shared a letter to his company’s investors to warn that Apple is revising its guidance for the fiscal Q1 2019 quarter. The Cupertino firm now expects revenue of $ 84 billion, down from the estimate of $ 89 billion to $ 93 billion that it previously expected to see.

As for  [Read More…]

HTC reports its lowest revenue numbers since 2003

Things are still bad for HTC.

HTC recently published its official earnings report for Q2 2018, and to not much surprise, things aren’t looking too hot for the Tawainese company.

During this past July, HTC saw just NT $ 1.4 billion in total sales. While that may sound like a big figure, it’s down 37.23% from June’s sales and 77.41% lower compared to July 2017 numbers.

In other words, HTC just had its weakest month since August  [Read More…]