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Android Central reviews the new iPhone SE — and likes it a lot

Come for the value, stay for the blistering performance and four years of software updates.

You wouldn’t normally associate Apple with value, but that’s exactly what the brand is delivering with the iPhone SE 2020. The phone features the A13 Bionic — the same chipset powering the iPhone 11 series — and it has an array of exciting features, including Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, IP67 rating, and even wireless charging.

The best part? The iPhone SE starts  [Read More…]

Pixel owners flooding Google Camera app with one-star reviews

The majority of complaints are from owners of the Pixel 2.

What you need to know Pixel smartphone users are experiencing issues after recent software updates have caused apps to crash when attempting to access the camera. The majority of users having problems use a Pixel 2, but many others have reported issues when using other Pixel smartphones. As a result, there are several posts on the Google support forum about the issues, and the Google Camera  [Read More…]

Disney-owned Hotstar censors Last Week Tonight, gets one-star reviews

The episode was aired just a few hours before President Trump’s India visit.

What you need to know Disney-owned streaming service Hotstar has landed itself in controversy after deciding to block the latest episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. In the episode, Oliver was critical of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and talked about the recent protests in the country. Angered by Hotstar’s “self-censorship,” users in India are leaving one-star reviews for the Hotstar app  [Read More…]

Stadia reviews are trickling in and wow are they negative

Google’s game streaming service looks to be off to a rocky start. Everyone pretend to act surprised.

Google’s anticipated game streaming service Google Stadia releases tomorrow and early impressions have already gone out. While we haven’t been able to test it out for ourselves — you can expect a proper review from us sometime later — most members of the press appear to think Stadia wasn’t ready to hit the market just yet.

Vice’s Patrick Klepek spent  [Read More…]

Death Stranding reviews are in, and they’re divisive

Its tagline is “tomorrow is in your hands,” but for us, it’s more like next week ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Death Stranding reviews landed early this morning and you might be looking for ours. We, unfortunately, won’t have a proper review out until after the game’s release. Sony did not send us an early code, nor were we given a good explanation for this decision. These were the cards we were dealt, so we have to make do.

We’ll have  [Read More…]

This discounted $7 Tacklife Mini Ratchet Screwdriver kit has great reviews

This thing’s got teeth.

Use code I993Y777 during checkout at Amazon to get this Tacklife Mini Ratchet Screwdriver Kit for just $ 6.93. Usually it would cost you almost $ 12. Today’s deal beats our previous post for this item by almost $ 1. Users have rated it 4.4 out of 5 stars based on over 100 testimonials.

This compact, lightweight tool has a reversible ratcheting system that features 36 teeth for easy use in both directions.  [Read More…]

CordCutters.com reviews the new AirTV

AirTV takes an over-the-air broadcast and streams it to other devices on your network. ($ 119 at Amazon.)

If you’re way into Sling TV, you should be into this. But otherwise …

Local channels can fill a hole that many streaming services leave behind. And an interesting option is AirTV, which just released a new over-the-air streaming box.

The premise is simple: Plug an over-the-air antenna into AirTV. Hook AirTV into  [Read More…]

How to (and why you should) leave reviews on the Google Play Store

Reminder: leaving an app store review is one of the easiest ways to support your favorite app developers.

When you write a review in the Google Play Store, keep in mind that you’re writing for three separate audiences — the app developer, other Android users, and Google Play itself.

While every app developer would love to just receive an endless stream of 5-star reviews, they should also value feedback such as what you liked and didn’t like  [Read More…]

Huawei gets caught soliciting fake reviews for the Mate 10 Pro on Best Buy

Huawei got over 100 people to contribute positive reviews for its unreleased Mate 10 Pro on Best Buy.

Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro is slated to make its debut in the U.S. sometime later this month, with the phone currently up for pre-order at Best Buy for $ 799 (with all purchases coming with a $ 150 Best Buy gift card).

That’s a decent price for what is a great phone in its own right, but Huawei isn’t  [Read More…]

Google’s new Local Guides points system makes leaving reviews worth your time

Whether you’re a traveler or a homebody, the Google-led app rewards handsomely for leaving recommendations.

Google Local Guides were introduced in 2014 to help foster a giant community of local reviewers who just know where all the best stuff is. When you sign up to be a Local Guide, every contribution helps you rack up points towards unlocking other elements of the service inside Google Maps. Over the next few days, Google  [Read More…]