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New rumor says the POCO F2 will make its global debut next month

The phone is also rumored to lack 5G connectivity.

What you need to know If a new leak is to be believed, the POCO F2 will launch in global markets as a rebranded version of the Redmi K30 Pro next month. The vanilla Redmi K30 had launched as the POCO X2 in India in February this year. POCO is also tipped to be working on a new budget phone featuring similar specs to the Redmi Note 9  [Read More…]

Nokia 9.3 PureView will have a 108MP penta-camera setup, says rumor

The phone is rumored to be announced in late August or early September.

What you need to know A new rumor claims that the upcoming Nokia flagship phone will have a penta-lens camera system with a 108MP wide-angle camera and a 64MP main camera. Unlike the Nokia 9 PureView, however, the rumored 9.3 PureView will not utilize Light camera technology. The phone is expected to be announced sometime in the third quarter of the year.

Finnish Firm  [Read More…]

Rumor suggests P40 series pricing will start at around €799

The most expensive phone could cost as much as €1,299.

What you need to know A new rumor suggests the P40 series from Huawei will start at around €799. The P40 Pro and P40 Pro Premium Edition, meanwhile, are suggested to cost around €999 – 1,099 and €1,199 – €1,299, respectively. The phones are slated for an online launch on March 26.

Despite not having the Google suite of services, Huawei’s next batch of flagships may not  [Read More…]

Rumor: E3 2020 may be canceled due to coronavirus concerns

One of the biggest gaming events of the year may be canceled as new consoles are on the horizon.

What you need to know The coronavirus has caused venues all over the world to shut down. GDC was just postponed at the end of February. E3 looks like it may be following suit and may cancel its planned conference in June.

The Entertainment Software Association may be announcing E3 2020’s cancellation tomorrow morning due to COVID-19 (coronavirus)  [Read More…]

New Galaxy Fold 2 rumor claims the phone will have a glass display

The Galaxy Fold 2 may have a smoother looking display than its predecessor.

What you need to know A new rumor claims Samsung will use an ultra-thin glass display in its next foldable smartphone. Thanks to the ultra-thin glass cover, the Galaxy Fold successor’s display will apparently have a smoother, unwrinkled appearance. Samsung Galaxy Fold uses a foldable plastic screen.

Samsung had filed trademark applications for “Ultra Thin Glass” with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, suggesting  [Read More…]

Rumor: Minecraft Bedrock Edition with cross-play is coming to PlayStation 4

Another huge wall is about to drop between PlayStation 4 and other networks, with the Minecraft Bedrock Edition looking virtually confirmed for PS4 complete with Xbox Live cross-play in the near future.

One big development throughout this generation has been the gradual encroachment of cross-play between competing gaming networks. Major titles like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and others now have some form of cross-play between PlayStation and Xbox One, with other titles like Gears 5 picking up  [Read More…]

New rumor says the OnePlus 8 Pro will have a 120Hz display

It could be among the first non-gaming smartphones to offer a 120Hz refresh rate display.

What you need to know A new rumor claims the OnePlus 8 Pro will come with a 120Hz display. The OnePlus 8 Pro is expected to feature a hole-punch display measuring 6.65-inches diagonally. Unlike the OnePlus 7T Pro, which has a notch-free panel, the OnePlus 8 Pro will have a hole-punch cutout in the upper left corner.

OnePlus was among the first  [Read More…]

New rumor suggests Huawei Mate 30 Pro will have two 40MP cameras

The Mate 30 Pro could feature a 40MP primary sensor joined by another 40MP lens with a 120-degree field-of-view.

What you need to know A new tweet by Ice Universe says the Mate 30 Pro will feature two 40MP sensors at the back. The 40MP primary RYYB sensor from the P30 Pro is back, and we’ll also see a 40MP ultra-wide lens. The phone is also slated to feature an 8MP zoom lens with 5z optical zoom.  [Read More…]

LG G7 (2018 flagship) rumor roundup: Everything you need to know

The LG G6 was a solid phone that got overshadowed by the competition. With the G7 (or whatever it ends up being called), LG isn’t going to let that happen again.

When talking about underrated phones from 2017, it’s almost impossible to not mention the LG G6. LG made a huge comeback following the disaster that was the G5, but devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8 simply ate the G6 for breakfast and didn’t leave it with  [Read More…]

New rumor says Samsung Pay could be heading to non-Samsung phones

Samsung is looking to vastly expand the availability of Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay is limited to the company’s flagship devices and select mid-range models, but that may not be the case for much longer. According to Gadgets 360, Samsung held “internal talks within the company and with OEMs” to bring Samsung Pay to non-Samsung devices.

The key difference between Samsung Pay and Android Pay is that the former supports both NFC and MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission).  [Read More…]