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What is Scoped Storage in Android 11?

A controversial change that originally was slated for Android 10 becomes mandatory for all new apps in August 2020 and every app targeting Android 11: Scoped Storage. Here’s what you need to know about it.

When Android 10 was still in its early beta days, Google had plans for a big change in the way that apps could access the files and folders in your phone’s external storage (things like photos that you or other apps placed  [Read More…]

Google pushes Android Q’s controversial Scoped Storage enforcement to 2020

Scoped Storage requires new permissions and has been pushed back till Android R to give developers more time.

One of Android Q‘s key focuses so far has been privacy, bringing a big change to how apps access a phone’s file system. In the most recent beta, Google implemented Scoped Storage, an important tenet of that privacy push, and it was immediately met with negative feedback and controversy.

Scoped Storage has good intentions: it’s meant to allow apps  [Read More…]

What is Scoped Storage in Android Q?

One of Android’s fundamentals is getting a big overhaul. One that will require a rewrite of a long list of apps that try to access files stored on your device.

Privacy and security are going to be a major focus of Android Q. That’s a good thing for each and every user, especially when many of the changes require no action on our part to happen. Security experts worrying about security on our phones means we can  [Read More…]