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How to watch Rupaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race online anywhere

RuPaul is about to put a whole new spin on the drag race you know and love. Beginning tonight, April 24 on VH1, RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race is set to premiere the first of a four-part spin-off series of the popular competition show. However, this time, it won’t be just anyone struttin’ their stuff down the runway.

Celebrities from TV, music, and more will be making their drag debut, but you’ll have to watch to see who  [Read More…]

Motorola RAZR has a secret ‘Retro RAZR’ mode that takes you back to 2004

The phone’s “Retro RAZR” mode will make you feel even more nostalgic.

What you need to know The new Motorola RAZR comes with a “Retro RAZR” mode that basically transforms it into a RAZR V3 from 2004. You can find the Retro RAZR mode by editing the quick settings menu. Once enabled, you will see similar UI as the original RAZR, complete with a T9 dialer in the bottom half of the screen.

Motorola unveiled the foldable  [Read More…]

Huawei has a secret research lab at its HQ in China

Huawei’s on track to earn $ 10 billion from cloud and internet services.

December’s been a rocky month so far for Huawei. The company’s been faced with a difficult time throughout all of 2018, but on December 1, CFO Wanzhou Meng was arrested by authorities in Canada. Meng has since been granted bail, and while you’d think something along these lines might cause for a big rift in the company, a new report from Bloomberg indicates that  [Read More…]

Spigen Slim Armor CS case for Galaxy S9+ review: A slippery case for your secret stash

This wallet case doesn’t scream “I’ve got money in me”, but it likes to shine and slide around.

Good wallet cases are multitaskers, protecting your phone while keeping your cash and cards nearby. With a phone as big as the Samsung Galaxy S9+, a wallet case isn’t just a single card slot or squeezing some cash between the case and the back of our phone; you can legitimately use is as an ultra-minimalist wallet. Now, every wallet  [Read More…]

The Secret To Saving Money On Cell Phones and Service

You can save money on your phone and plan if you do a bit of homework before you buy.

It’s never fun to pay more than you need to. And that includes your phone and plan you use with it.

Like most things, you can find a balance where you pay for what you actually use and need rather than pay what someone else thinks you need. That’s the real secret to saving money on your phone  [Read More…]

Galaxy Note 8 could be T-Mobile’s coverage secret weapon this fall

Samsung and T-Mobile are scheming to promote the company’s upcoming coverage boost.

The Galaxy Note 8 will likely be the first phone to feature an upgraded version of the modem inside Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 platform boasting support for the 600MHz spectrum that T-Mobile just spent $ 8 billion to acquire.

During its first quarter earnings call this week, the company’s CTO Neville Ray revealed that the first 600MHz-supported handsets will be available “before the end of the  [Read More…]

Amazon is giving away gift cards through “secret” Alexa commands

Speak softly and maybe win some cash!

If you have an Amazon Echo and a Facebook page, there’s a good chance you could win some prizes from Alexa over the next couple of days. The Facebook page for Amazon Echo has been listing contests, and the only way to participate is to speak “secret” commands to your Echo. Drop the command on your Echo, and your account is registered to win a prize!

  [Read More…]

The Pixel’s secret weapon: 24/7 support

Call or chat, any time — and it’s included.

The Pixel and Pixel XL aren’t designed just for the hardcore Android enthusiast. Google has been moving that direction since the release of the Galaxy Nexus, and last year’s Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X were developer phones in name only. Besides a brand change, Google’s new phones are no longer built for the people who know how to flash them or like to tinker with things that  [Read More…]

The Pixel’s secret weapon: Google Assistant

Google Assistant becomes more than a chatbot on the Google Pixel.

Google seems really excited about Google Assistant. We get it. What started as an amazing online knowledge base has transformed from the information pipeline that was Google Now into an intelligent, fully-fledged AI assistant. It certainly took Google long enough — Siri and Cortana have been “friendlier” since their beginnings, though some say they could use a bit of work in the “intelligent” part.

  [Read More…]

The Pixel’s secret weapon: Unlimited full-resolution camera backups

When you buy a Pixel Google lets you back up all the pictures and video you shoot for free, at full resolution. That’s a pretty big deal.

Google has made much fuss about the camera on the Pixel and Pixel XL (they share the same specs). A hearty endorsement from DXOMark, samples from the camera development team, and even some 4K footage with image stabilization have people interested because a great camera is one of those  [Read More…]