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Zoom isn’t what you should use to keep secrets but it’s fine for saying hi

Zoom isn’t the monster much of the media has made it out to be. Just be careful what you use it for.

If you’re stuck at home and spend time reading about technology, you probably heard how Zoom is some evil entity intent on stealing away your life and doing something equally evil to you if you use it. Labels like malware get thrown around and we hear about every single mistake the company has made. And  [Read More…]

Build a profitable brand online by mastering these copywriting secrets

Although billions of people use the Internet, it’s still exceedingly difficult for companies — especially new ones — to reach audiences online. Once you do get somebody on a landing page or looking at a social media post, you only have a few seconds to convert them into buyers or loyal customers. That’s why great copywriting is an important element to any marketing strategy. The 2020 Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle is designed to help you hone your copywriting  [Read More…]

U.S. DOJ indicts Huawei for racketeering and stealing trade secrets

Huawei is also being dinged for allegedly trading with North Korea and Iran.

What you need to know Huawei has been indicted for racketeering and conspiracy to steal trade secrets by the U.S. DOJ. The firm reportedly offered bonuses for employees who could steal secrets from competitors. This marks a significant escalation in the U.S. government’s campaign against the Chinese firm.

The U.S. Department of Justice today charged the Chinese telecoms giant Huawei and its subsidiaries with  [Read More…]

Huawei under investigation for allegedly stealing trade secrets

Part of the case involves a dispute with T-Mobile from 2014.

Another day, another spout of bad news for Huawei. According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, the Chinese company is now being investigated by federal prosecutors for reportedly stealing trade secrets from T-Mobile in the United States.

According to WSJ:

The investigation grew in part out of civil lawsuits against Huawei, including one in which a Seattle jury found Huawei liable for misappropriating  [Read More…]

We Happy Few is a dark and twisted world of secrets and intrigue

We Happy Few offers compelling survival gameplay, quality world-building, and great presentation.

Open world survival games have become a common sight in recent years, but none of them are anywhere near as interesting and unique as We Happy Few. Featuring compelling survival gameplay, an intriguing and dark world, and exemplary presentation, it’s only held back from perfection by performance problems.

(Editor’s note: This review is based on the author’s experience with the game on a PC.  [Read More…]

Six Fitbit employees have been charged with stealing Jawbone trade secrets

Jawbone initially sued Fitbit over the stolen data in 2015.

Fitbit, one of the world’s largest fitness-tracking/wearable companies, has found itself in hot water over a dispute that first reared its head in 2015. On June 14, six current and former employees from the company were charged with stealing trade secrets from Jawbone and giving them to Fitbit.

The six employees in question previously worked at Jawbone before moving to Fitbit, and while doing so, reportedly took  [Read More…]

Samsung lets us in on some of its Galaxy S9 960 fps slow-motion secrets

This is how the GS9 slows down time.

Amazingly slow motion video capture is the latest big differentiating feature on smartphones. And Samsung is one of the leaders right now, pushing to 960 fps on the Galaxy S9 — only matched by the Sony Xperia XZ2. But Samsung actually released its phone already, and it isn’t hard to see why people are excited about using the 960 fps slow motion mode.

Now that we’re over a month removed from  [Read More…]

Unearth the secrets of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy on PS4 for $30

Continue your Uncharted adventure from a new perspective.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is now on sale at Amazon for $ 29.99, a discount of $ 7 off its average selling price. This game is only available for PlayStation 4.

The Lost Legacy was originally announced as DLC for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, but was eventually released as a stand-alone game due to the length of its main story which lasts around seven hours. Instead of running  [Read More…]

Samsung Gear Live splayed open in teardown that reveals its deepest, darkest secrets

The folks at iFixit have taken apart the brand new Android Wear-powered Samsung Gear Live, and unsurprisingly the small wearable device contains small electronic components. Even though the Gear Live has a lot visually in-common with the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear 2, inside it’s pretty much a different device. Interestingly, however, was the discovery that the Gear Live includes a radio chip with a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, even though Android Wear only uses Bluetooth to  [Read More…]