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The November 2019 security patch improves the Pixel 4’s 90Hz display

There’s also better mapping for the Xbox wireless controller.

What you need to know Google is now rolling out the November 2019 security patch for Pixel phones. The Pixel 4, specifically, is getting improvements for Smooth Display. There’s also the usual array of patches/fixes to secure any vulnerabilities.

It’s a new month, and in the Android world, that means a new security patch. On November 4, 2019, Google began rolling out its November 2019 patch to the  [Read More…]

The OG Google Pixel was left out of the November security update

After only three years the first Google Pixel is losing all of its support

What you need to know Google Pixel and Pixel XL left out of November 2019 security update list. Google originally slated October 2019 as the final security update. Phone and online support also ends.

The Android November 2019 update list is available and the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, launched in 2016, will not be getting the latest security patch. While Google  [Read More…]

The U.S. is launching a national security probe into TikTok

It may have to undo its $ 1 billion purchase of Musical.ly.

What you need to know TikTok is a social media video app that allows users to share punchy, short videos with others. The company is owned by ByteDance, one of the fastest-growing tech startups in China. The U.S. government is launching an inquiry into its $ 1 billion acquisition of Musical.ly, citing concerns over national security and censorship.

The U.S. government is seemingly growing more  [Read More…]

Get connected with Alexa and these great security cameras

A Wi-Fi-enabled security camera is an excellent way to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. You can check-in on the pets while you’re at work, and in the case of those with built-in microphones, quickly tell your kid that they’re supposed to be studying instead of playing video games. Even better, if you have an Amazon Echo device and use Alexa to do all the smart things in your home, an Alexa-enabled security camera can do wonderful  [Read More…]

October 2019 security patch headed out the door and into Pixel phones

The patch fixes the dirty tricks with a handful of treats.

What you need to know The October 2019 security patch has been released. It’s rolling out now to Pixel owners. Images and update files available at the Google Developer site.

It’s time for some patching, and not the pumpkin kind.

Google has released the October 2019 Android Security Bulletin and associated patches, which means an update is now being served to all the Pixel phones. This  [Read More…]

Words with Friends developer Zynga suffers security breach

Words with Friends developer Zynga has suffered a security breach.

What you need to know Zynga, the company behind the popular Words with Friends game, had a recent security breach. In their statement, Zynga explained that it appears no financial information was reached but caution is urged all the same. If you were one of the players of this game, you should change your password and take other precautions.

Zynga, the developers of the Words with Friends  [Read More…]

Apple responds vehemently to concerns about iOS security vulnerabilities

What you need to know Apple released a statement addressing Google’s blog about iOS exploits. In the message, it reaffirmed customers that it keeps their security as a high priority. It also dispelled some false information that came of Google’s blog.

“Security is a never-ending journey and our customers can be confident we are working for them.”

Concerns about iOS security have been swirling since Google published a blog that outlined some vulnerabilities it discovered within iOS.  [Read More…]

Nokia’s first Android phones will get an extra year of security updates

The Nokia 5, Nokia 6, and Nokia 8 will receive quarterly security patches until October 2020.

What you need to know HMD Global has announced that its first Nokia-branded smartphones will receive quarterly security updates till the end of the third year. The Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6, and Nokia 8 were initially promised two years of regular security updates. Sadly, the Nokia 6 variant sold by Amazon in the US and India will no longer  [Read More…]

Galaxy S7 and S7 edge will continue to receive quarterly security updates

The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge will surprisingly continue to receive security updates every three months.

What you need to know Samsung has changed its mind once again and is now promising quarterly security updates for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. The company had initially decided to discontinue quarterly security updates for the two phones in June. Until April this year, the two phones were receiving security updates every month.

In April this year, Samsung announced  [Read More…]

August 2019 security patch rolling out now to Pixel phones

The Essential Phone is also getting the update without skipping a beat.

What you need to know The August 2019 security patch has been released. It’s rolling out now to Pixel owners. The Essential Phone is also receiving the patch on day one.

Another month, another security patch.

On August 5, 2019, Google published details for the latest August 2019 Android Security Bulletin. The update has two build dates, including 8/1 and 8/5.

You’ll find the usual  [Read More…]