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Coronavirus sees Health and Fitness app installs skyrocket 47% in Q2

Downloads have already topped 656 million, and there’s still a month left in the quarter…

What you need to know Health and Fitness app downloads have skyrocketed in Q2 of 2020. Downloads have reached 656 million, 47% more than last quarter, and there’s still a month left. The rise is of course down to consumers rethinking their health regimes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

New data from Sensor Tower has revealed that downloads of apps in the  [Read More…]

Google Classroom sees a doubling user-base as more students work from home

Google’s Classroom software becomes more important as learning shifts to remote sessions.

What you need to know Google’s Classroom sees a rise in users as more education takes place online. The service’s userbase has doubled, now reaching 100 million users. Classroom has seen rises in regions previously underserved like Italy and Indonesia.

As could be predicted, Google has seen a rise of users to its Google Classroom service as more and more students and teachers pop online  [Read More…]

Here’s what the Pixel 4 sees when you wave your hand in front of it

Underlying Motion Sense is a radar system called Soli.

What you need to know Google’s AI team this week took to blogging about how they implemented Motion Sense in the Pixel 4. The technology underpinning the feature is called Soli, a short-range radar sensor. In addition, Google used the power of AI and machine learning to allow the phone to understand a user’s gestures and movements.

One of the Pixel 4’s most exciting innovations is Motion Sense,  [Read More…]

Z-Wave sees the need to open up as Zigbee Alliance gains partners

Silicon Labs, the producer of Z-Wave radios, is opening up parts of the standard to better compete in the internet of things realm.

What you need to know Zigbee and Z-Wave are the two primary standards for smart home devices. Up until today, only one company had provided all of the chips for Z-Wave radios. Zigbee Alliance, along with Google, Amazon, and Apple, joined forces to create a new connectivity standard for smart home products on December  [Read More…]

Samsung sees massive smartwatch growth in Q2 while Wear OS barely holds on

Apple still holds the top spot.

What you need to know The North American wearables market grew by 38% YoY in Q2 2019. Samsung saw a massive annual growth of 121% for a total market share of 24.1%. Wear OS is barely on the map, with Fossil Group having a 4.1% market share. Apple continues to dominate with 32% annual growth and 37.9% market share.

Research firm Canalys has released its numbers for the smart wearables market  [Read More…]

Samsung sees smartwatch growth of 127% in Q1 2019, but Apple is still king

Fitness-focused smartwatches are among the most popular.

The latest numbers are out for smartwatches in the first quarter of 2019, and it shows very good news for Apple. In year-on-year growth, Apple saw a growth rate of a whopping 48% in the first quarter, giving it 35.8% of the overall smartwatch market.

Sales were driven by the Apple Watch Series 4 and its continued focus on health-related features. According to a survey, the ECG capability was the  [Read More…]

The NEOGEO Mini International retro console sees its first major price drop

40 classic games, all in the palm of your hand.

Less than three months ago, the NEOGEO Mini International console was revealed by SNK, packing 40 classic games within its handheld system. At $ 109, it was a small price to pay for a console which is not only full of nostalgia-inducing titles but even features a built-in 3.5-inch LCD display and a gamepad. It’s designed to look like a classic arcade cabinet, after all. Right now  [Read More…]

Pixel 2 leads smartphone activations in U.S., Samsung sees growth worldwide

Google dominated holiday activations in the U.S., but it’s nowhere to be seen on a global scale.

During this holiday season, there’s a good chance you either got a new phone or purchased one for someone else. Smartphones are excellent gifts to both give and receive, and now that the holiday rush is starting to die down, it’s time to take a look at activations of new phones to see which companies owned the market this year.

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LG’s mobile unit sees a sales decline in Q2 2017 as demand for the G6 wanes

LG’s overall profit margins take a hit as mobile unit posts a $ 117 million loss.

LG’s mobile unit recorded a strong 10% increase in sales in Q1 2017, but the resurgence was short-lived. In its second quarter earnings, LG noted that its mobile unit recorded a loss of $ 117 million (132.4 billion won) on revenues of $ 2.39 billion (2.70 trillion won).

LG attributed the decline to weaker than expected sales of the LG  [Read More…]