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Google’s Pixel 5 may ditch Project Soli and Motion Sense

Google seems set to drop a failed idea.

What you need to know Google’s Pixel 5 may ditch the Soli radar chip. Project Soli powered the Motion Sense feature of the Pixel 4 and 4 XL. It also drained battery and added little benefit to the phone’s experience as a whole.

With the Pixel 4, Google brought a new feature — Motion Sense — to the Pixel line. Powered by the innovative Project Soli, Motion Sense added  [Read More…]

Does the eero Beacon make more sense than Orbi RBK22?

Versatile performance Netgear Orbi RBK22

$ 190 at Walmart

Pros Fast tri-band Wi-Fi Three total Ethernet ports No additional equipment needed Big 4,000 square feet of coverage Cons Large footprint

Netgear’s Orbi line has a ton of versatility with the RBK22 sitting in the middle of the range with fast 802.11ac tri-band Wi-Fi and a dedicated backhaul. You also get three free Ethernet ports so you can keep your wired devices connected without any extra hardware.

  [Read More…]

Does the eero Beacon make more sense than a Plume SuperPod?

One-time charge eero Beacon

$ 149 at Amazon

Pros Works with any eero Compact plug-in design No subscription required Optional security features Cons No Ethernet ports Only dual-band

If you have an eero mesh system and need to expand your Wi-Fi coverage, the eero Beacon is a great option with a compact design that plugs directly into the wall. Its dual-band Wi-Fi will provide more than enough speed for most normal usage.

Fast with  [Read More…]

Mint Mobile makes more sense than Ting if you need data

Plan ahead Mint Mobile

From $ 15 per month at Mint Mobile

Pros Lots of data Unlimited calls and texts Compatible with most phones Discounts in bulk Cons Must buy in bulk Only one network

Buy in bulk to save money for service on T-Mobile’s network with Mint Mobile. Buy service with data in 3GB, 8GB, or 12GB chunks per month and save more when you buy more months in advance. Calls and texts are unlimited,  [Read More…]

Start securing your home with this $36 Wyze Cam Sense Starter Kit

Smart home equipment can be really handy, but it can also be a little expensive to start setting everything up. Cue this Cyber Monday deal from Wyze, which bundles an indoor connected camera with a starter kit of sensors for just $ 36. That’s a lot of stuff for not a lot of money.

Get connected Wyze Cam V2 with Wyze Sense Starter Kit

$ 36 at Amazon

This Wyze starter kit gives you everything you  [Read More…]

Pixel 4’s Motion Sense API may gain third-party support in the future

Motion Sense is not designed to be a gimmick, so Google is taking care to only let select developers in on the platform for the time being.

What you need to know Motion Sense API, the language in Android to utilize the Soli sensor on the Pixel 4, is currently unavailable to third-party developers. Google has already worked with two developers to publish apps to the Play Store with Soli support, showing that it’s interested in building  [Read More…]

Here are some tips for using Motion Sense on the Pixel 4

You’ll find a host of features on the Pixel 4, but one that stands out the most is Motion Sense. Motion Sense is a gesture system that allows you to control the Pixel 4 by simply waving your hand over its display, giving you a new and unique way to control the phone. There are currently just a handful of ways in which you can use Motion Sense, and today, we’ll be running through how they work and  [Read More…]

The creators of Monument Valley made a Motion Sense game for the Pixel 4

Start your journey as Soli the bird.

What you need to know Monument Valley developers, ustwo Studios, have created a Motion Sense game called Headed South for the Pixel 4. You play as a bird named Soli trying to rescue other birds from a storm using unique motion gestures for each one. Pokémon has also gotten in on the Motion Sense fun with a demo app called Pokémon Wave Hello.

At the Made by Google event on  [Read More…]

Leaked Pixel 4 promo images highlight Motion Sense, face unlock features

Leaked marketing images gives us yet another look at the upcoming Google Pixel 4.

What you need to know Google Pixel 4 promo images highlighting key features such as Motion Sense and Face Unlock have surfaced. In addition to the Motion Sense and Face Unlock features, the Pixel 4 series will also offer up to 8x zoom, thanks to the secondary telephoto lens. The Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will be formally unveiled at the  [Read More…]

This is what the Pixel 4’s Motion Sense gestures look like in action

You can silence alarms, dismiss phone calls, and skip through songs.

What you need to know New marketing videos showcase how Motion Sense gestures work on the Pixel 4. Motion Sense can be used for silencing alarms, dismissing calls, and skipping through songs. You’ll only be able to use Motion Sense in certain countries and with specific apps.

The Pixel 4 will be here before you know it, and when the phone arrives, one of the features  [Read More…]