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Grab what you need to work from home with these simple B&H kits

More and more states are passing “stay at home” orders. Virginia and Maryland just issued similar statements yesterday asking for more people to stop going into work and doing recreational activities outside the home. That could mean if you were one of the few still going into work that now you’re going to be switching to a work from home lifestyle like a lot of other Americans. If that’s the case, then you need to be prepared for what Work  [Read More…]

Reduce data usage on your Android phone with this one simple tool

Never go over your monthly data allowance ever again.

We all like using our phones, but as you continue to run apps, games, websites, etc., it doesn’t take long to eat up your mobile data. I think we can all agree that this is something we generally are not a fan of.

You may not think you use that much data during the month, but if you aren’t paying close attention to how you’re using your phone  [Read More…]

Checking all of your downloads on PS4 is simple

If you have your PlayStation 4 set so that updates automatically download in the background while it’s in rest mode, you may want to check to see what exactly was downloaded while you were away. PlayStation makes this simple in a three-step process.

How to check previous downloads on PS4

On the home screen, go to Notifications.

Press the Options button on your controller.

Select Downloads from the menu that pops up on the  [Read More…]

Did Google mishear your command? Delete it with this simple phrase

Fix your Google search history without having to reference bookmarks.

What you need to know Google Assistant will sometimes hear commands not intended for it, but even these commands get added to your search history. Google added a new command that will stop Assistant mid-sentence and delete the entire query from your search history. Additional privacy commands can be used to control search history through normal, everyday speech.

While your Google Assistant is always-on and always-listening on  [Read More…]

Adding parental controls via a Kid’s Profile on Disney+ is fairly simple

Disney has some of the most beloved characters and movies of all time. From the likes of Mikey Mouse and Donald Duck to Woody and Buzz, kids of all ages have enjoyed watching Disney for decades. However, that doesn’t mean that everything on Disney+ will be wholesome and appropriate for young children. Which is why Disney+ can set up a Kid’s Profile to help filter shows that are safe for children. Setting this up can be done in  [Read More…]

The simple way to stop YouTube music

YouTube Music is an excellent service with a lot of potential, but it still has some stability issues and is lacking some features diehard music fans might rely on. If it’s not to your liking, here’s how to cancel your subscription to YouTube Music Premium.

How to cancel YouTube Music Open YouTube Music. Tap the profile picture in the top right corner. Tap Paid memberships.

Tap Manage.

Tap Cancel membership.

You can pause your  [Read More…]

Spotify’s fast and simple Lite Android app is now available in 36 markets

For the most part, Spotify Lite works very a lot like the main app.

What you need to know Spotify has introduced a lighter version of its Android app, called Spotify Lite. The new app is only 10MB in size and promises to deliver the same great experience as the main app but adds the ability to set a data limit and control the cache. Spotify Lite is now available for download in 36 markets across Asia,  [Read More…]

Speed up Chrome with these simple tips

These five tips will make Chrome as fast as it can be. Zoom zoom!

One thing even a basic entry-level Chromebook can do faster than any other computer is surfing the web with the Chrome browser. It makes sense — a Chromebook is designed to run the browser, which is a core part of Chrome OS. It had better be fast.

But for many of us, things can never be fast enough. There will always be developer  [Read More…]

Samsung gets simple mesh networking right with the SmartThings Wifi Hub

A good mesh network shouldn’t be hard to set up. Samsung’s SmartThings Wifi meets that challenge, and then some.

A good Wifi network needs to do three things:

It needs to work well. It needs to carry all my bits and bytes to all my devices as quickly as it can, over as large an area as I need it to.

And it needs to be easy to set up, and easy to maintain. Website-based setup screens  [Read More…]

This simple Chrome extension makes new tabs gorgeous

Google’s backdrops are great, but Apple’s Aerials are awesome.

We’ve talked about how easy it is to bring Apple TV’s excellent Aerial screensavers to Android TV. It’s also possible to use them as your Mac background. And for everyone else — especially those of the chromeOS variety — it’s also possible to use them as what you see when you fire up a new tab in the world’s best browser.

Here’s how to do it:

Install this Chrome extension.  [Read More…]