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Bill Gates skeptical of regulators breaking up tech giants

What you need to know Bill Gates expressed skepticism toward the idea of breaking up tech giants in a new interview. Speaking to Bloomberg, Gates came out more in favor of regulating bad practices, stating that he only sees a “narrow set of things” that he thinks a break up would be the “right answer to.” Gates’ comments come after the U.S. government announced an antitrust probe of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple.

In a new interview with  [Read More…]

There’s reason to be skeptical of Samsung’s new ‘commitment’ to monthly security updates

A generic form response from Samsung’s ‘security team’ does not mean what you think it means.

Building on the frustration of the U.S. unlocked Galaxy S7 still not having Nougat while other models are updated, a story is swirling this week about Samsung Mobile Security saying in an email that it will “commit” to updates every month for unlocked phones. As great as it would be, there’s plenty of reason to be skeptical about the possibilities of Samsung flipping  [Read More…]

Logitech Revue to get Honeycomb update in 2011; we’re a bit skeptical


The Logitech Revue, the first Google TV device to hit the market, has had a crazy ride since it was released almost a year ago, and it hasn’t been all that positive. Logitech recently announced that it was getting out of the Google TV business, signaling weak performance of its Revue set-top box.

Google announced exactly one month ago that it would be bringing the much-anticipated Google TV 2.0 Honeycomb version  [Read More…]