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Master a new skill with a free month of learning at The Great Courses Plus

Chances are, you’re spending a lot more time at home than you would regularly right now. The situation’s not ideal, but you could turn your self-isolation time into something positive by learning a new skill or becoming an expert on a topic you’ve always been interested in but never had the time to research fully.

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You must be out of your damn mind to enable this Alexa skill

Amazon announced at its Fall 2019 event that it would soon be enabling celebrity voices on Alexa for purchase, starting with Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson. If you want to shake up how you interact with your Echo device, consider purchasing and enabling the Alexa Skill now while it’s on sale!

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Every skill tree and how they work in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 has more variety and action skills than ever before.

Like each game before it, Borderlands 3 gives our new Vault Hunters three skill trees from which to work. What makes this time around special is that each character now has three separate action skills to use on the battlefield. We’ll break down each ability and its corresponding skill tree so you can determine which character is right for you.

FL4K Amara Zane Moze

Everything you  [Read More…]

You can now ask Alexa about your YouTube stats with the TubeBuddy skill

Wanna know how your latest video is doing, or how many subs you have? Just ask Alexa.

It’s now easier than ever to obsess over your YouTube stats, thanks to a new Amazon Alexa Skill from TubeBuddy. If you’re not using the TB service — it brings together a whole bunch of YouTube stats and best practices and basically helps you do things better — you definitely need to check it out.

Plus, ya know, they got some guy to  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo picks up new Garageio skill and a dash of political humor

Amazon is pushing through with more updates to improve the capabilities its speaker with smarts, the Echo. In its latest round of additions, Amazon has given the Echo’s digital assistant, Alexa, a new skill, along with some new topical jokes about the presidential race.