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It’s not just you — Slack is down around the world [Update]

Slack is down globally, with users unable to connect to the service.

What you need to know Users across the world are unable to connect to Slack right now. Slack’s status dashboard shows the problem originated around 7:30 pm ET. The company is now trying to fix the issue, but there’s no timeline on when it will be resolved.

Slack is down right now, with users from all around the globe unable to connect to the service.  [Read More…]

Slack DMs and starred channels missing for some users

Conversations still remain accessible from search.

What you need to know Slack DMs and starred channels are missing from the sidebar for some users today. Slack has acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix. It appears you can still access missing conversations via the search bar.

If you’ve noticed your Slack DMs and starred channels have gone missing from the sidebar today, you’re not alone. Slack has acknowledged the issue and is working on a  [Read More…]

Slack now has a dark mode for its Android and iOS apps

Rolling out now with the latest update.

Here at Mobile Nations, and likely for a lot of remote companies, Slack is one of our most frequently used applications. It’s absolutely essential for staying in touch with coworkers throughout the day, and while it’s great for the most part, few things are as irritating as opening up a message late at night only to have the bright, white background blind you.

Now, after lots of anxiously waiting, Slack  [Read More…]

Hangouts Chat, Google’s Slack competitor, is now available to download

Included as a core G Suite service from here on out.

If you work remotely or in a large organization, chances are your company uses Slack for business-related communication. It’s something we use here at Android Central every single day, and Google’s hoping it can steal away Slack loyalists with the launch of Hangouts Chat.

Hangouts Chat was first announced about a year ago last March, and it was first rolled out as part of an Early  [Read More…]

Google Talk is dead, Hangouts is the new Slack, Project Fi users are screwed and everyone hates Allo

It is impossible to go seven or more days without some messaging news from Google.

Google seems to understand that it needs to pare its messenger story down to a few apps that cover everyone’s needs (so it’s easier for people to ignore them all and use WhatsApp anyway). And, to some extent, that’s what is happening, but everything feels so chaotic and is changing before replacements are ready.

It just feels like Google has gone off  [Read More…]

Slack brings replies to your wrist with Android Wear support

Work chat app Slack has been updated for Android, bring along support for Android Wear and more. With Android Wear support, you’ll be able to do much of what you’d expect, including replying to and viewing messages in each notification.

Here’s the full skinny on what’s new in Slack for Android:

Updated the way notifications are handled and displayed, to make them better. Support for Android Wear (Reply to notifications and view previous messages  [Read More…]

Slack voice calling exits beta, now rolling out to everyone

Slack has announced that is is now rolling out voice calls to every one of its users. The workplace chat app has been testing voice calls in beta for months, but everyone will now be able to take advantage of the feature going forward.

Says Slack:

Anyone can make one-on-one calls, while paid teams can also make group calls in any channel or group DM. When someone initiates a call, a message will appear,  [Read More…]

Slack rolling out voice calls beta to its desktop messaging platform

Slack has begun testing voice chat just a day after announcing the feature would be coming soon. Available in beta, the feature is currently only being tested on desktop in Slack’s apps and in Chrome. In a statement to TechCrunch, Slack’s Vice President of Product April Underwood said:

For customers who already use services like Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Bluejeans, it’s easy to initiate a variety of calling features from within Slack, but for customers who  [Read More…]

Slack planning voice and video chat, upping threat to Hangouts, Skype

Slack plans to roll out voice and video chat this year, making the popular messaging company even more competitive with incumbents like Microsoft’s Skype and Google’s Hangouts. That’s according to their 2016 product roadmap, presented to customers at a conference today in San Fransisco.

TechCrunch reports:

[Voice chat] on desktop will come first, and then the company will focus on making it work on all its devices and apps. Video will have to wait until after that.  [Read More…]

You can now start a group Skype call from right inside Slack

Users of the popular Slack business messaging service can now start a Skype call from within any of Slack’s clients. This is thanks to a new integration that links the text-based Slack into the voice-and-video-centric Skype from Microsoft.

In order to enable this preview, Slack users can go to the Skype integration page and click on the Add to Slack button, which will add Slack integration to a selected channel. Microsoft says:

“Once the Skype  [Read More…]