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NVIDIA Kal-El Tablets Coming This Year, Smartphones Due Next Year

NVIDIA is a world renowned technology brand with many fans in the mobile world. Just about everyone is familiar with Tegra 2, the first dual-core mobile processor which was introduced in the LG Optimus 2X. A lot of smartphones and tablets are now coming with Tegra 2 processors, and its performance is welcomed by users.

We recently received some information on NVIDIA Kal-El which is the codename of their first  [Read More…]

40% of U.S. phones are smartphones. 40% of smartphones are Android [Nielsen]

In 2010, 3 out of 10 phones used in the United States were smartphones. That percent has since risen to 4 out of 10 according to new data from Nielsen.

The vast majority of phones used in the U.S. are feature phones for a combination of reasons. Carriers attract customers with free or cheap phones, many people cannot afford a smartphone, and a large  [Read More…]