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Get even smoother video out of your Galaxy with a gimbal

Samsung’s latest phones come with incredible video-centric features like ultra-smooth OIS and, in some cases, even 8K capture with native editing tools. No matter how good that built-in stabilization is, it’s hard to beat a real gimbal for smooth and steady video, which counters against any shaky hand movements. The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is cost-effective, compact, and easy to use, but it’s far from your only option.

Best Overall: DJI Osmo Mobile 3

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OPPO teams up with Pixelworks to build brighter, smoother displays

OPPO wants its displays to lead the next generation in smartphone entertainment.

What you need to know OPPO is teaming up with Pixelworks to power the displays of its next few smartphones. The first phone from this effort will land in the first half of 2020. The move comes as sister company OnePlus announces new display technology for its upcoming flagship as well.

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GPU Turbo on the Honor 8X can make all your games play smoother

Your Honor 8X comes with a GPU Boost feature, which improves gaming performance when you need to run more demanding games like PUBG Mobile at higher settings. But how does it work and how do you use it? We’re glad you asked.

Products used in this guide Amazon: Honor 8X ($ 250) Amazon: Spigen Rugged Armor ($ 11) Amazon: MOGA Hero Power ($ 28) How to activate GPU Turbo on the Honor 8X

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Chrome scrolling is about to get much smoother thanks to a new API

It looks like scrolling is about to get a tad smoother in Chrome. Google said it will soon integrate Microsoft’s Pointer Events API into the browser.

While there’s no timeline for when the API will be implemented, the end result should be less jank when scrolling through a website in Chrome.

MotoActv rooted and running Honeycomb launcher, much smoother than we would think (Update)


We have been hearing about Google testing some smart watches, lately. The idea of being able to access your messages, social networks, apps, and other features from your wrist seems quite convenient. Manufacturers haven’t quite found the right equation for these devices, though.

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