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Improve your audio with a refurb Sonos Playbar sound bar on sale for $399

WorldWideStereo on eBay has the Sonos Playbar HiFi soundbar on sale for $ 399 refurbished. WWS is a Sonos authorized dealer, and this refurb unit is covered by a full Sonos one-year warranty. New versions of the Playbar still sell for around $ 600 or more at retailers like Best Buy. Finding it on sale at all has always been unusual, so finding it for this low and fully covered by Sonos is a tremendous deal.

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The new Sonos Arc has Dolby Atmos, arrives June 10 for $799

There are also new Sonos 5 and Sonos Sub refreshes.

What you need to know The Sonos Arc is a new smart soundbar, coming June 10 for $ 799. It has 11 amplifiers, eight woofers, and three tweeters, along with four microphones. It’s the first Sonos product to support Dolby Atmos. It ships alongside the updated Sonos 5 and Sonos Sub. Sonos’s new S2 app launches on June 8.

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The Sonos Playbar’s long-awaited update could arrive May 6

Sonos has an announcement planned for May 6.

What you need to know The Sonos Playbar was originally released in 2013. Aside from a visual upgrade, Dolby Atmos, and Apple AirPlay 2 are among the rumored updates as well. The Sonos Play:5 and Sub are expected to receive an update as well.

Sonos is much loved by audiophiles, and the Playbar is one of the reasons for the love, but it lacks in some of the newer  [Read More…]

After a decade, Sonos gets into the content business with Sonos Radio

Sonos is finally taking a stand.

Sonos has always been Switzerland, neutral to a fault. Until recently, the company’s decision not to create its own audio content has left it relying on companies like Spotify, iHeartRadio, TuneIn and others to provide music, podcasts, and talk radio for its millions of customers, most of which get that same content through other apps and connected speakers.

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Sonos will stop bricking older speakers with its Recycle Mode program

Cake The 30% discount still applies when upgrading to a new speaker.

What you need to know Sonos has killed its “Recycle Mode” program that caused a lot of controversy earlier this year. Recycle Mode bricked old Sonos speakers and allowed you to purchase new ones at a lower price. Now, you can still get the 30% discount when upgrading to a new speaker, no bricking required.

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AC Podcast 457: Apple vs. Google vs. encryption; Sonos; Nearby Sharing

It’s a precarious balance between security, privacy, and convenience. A report from Reuters that Apple dropped plans for end-to-end encryption of iCloud backups after the FBI complained helps frame a conversation between Jerry Hildenbrand, Andrew Martonik, and Daniel Bader about the differences in approach between iOS and Android backup strategies. High value hacking targets such as Jeff Bezos also highlight security vulnerabilities.

The crew also discuss backlash against Sonos regarding use of legacy products along side newer devices.  [Read More…]

Sonos CEO responds to backlash, will continue to update legacy products

Let’s try this again.

What you need to know Sonos recently announced that it would be ending support for some of its older speakers in May 2020. Following a lot of backlash, Sonos reassures that legacy speakers won’t be bricked in any way. It’s also working on a way to split your system between old and current devices.

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Ready to ditch Sonos? There are the best alternatives

Now more than ever before, speakers are more than just a singular tool for listening to your favorite music. Modern speakers often have built-in ways to play songs from your preferred streaming service, talk to digital assistants, and connect to other speakers in your home for multi-room audio. Sonos has become one of the most popular brands in the current speaker world, offering a multi-room system that’s proven to be among the best out there. However, if you’re  [Read More…]

Which of these smart speakers is a better value: Sonos One or Amazon Echo?

The best speaker for me is the one that best balances three key factors: sound, smarts, and price.

Amazon Echo (3rd Gen)

Basic but good

$ 80 at Amazon

Pros Improved sound architecture Half the price of a Sonos One Five colors including Product Red and Twilight Blue Cons No built-in display Not a huge leap forward from past generations

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Amazon Echo Plus (2nd gen) vs. Sonos Play:1 — Which should you buy?

I listen to a lot of music — and control a lot of connected devices — so I know the ropes when it comes to smart speakers.

Amazon Echo Plus

Alexa’s got skills

$ 150 at Amazon

Pros Powered by Alexa Built-in smart home hub Multiroom audio with other Echo devices Cons Same sound architecture as cheaper, newer Echo Sound doesn’t match Sonos quality

The Echo Plus is a great sounding speaker at the center  [Read More…]