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Verizon just spent $1.6 billion on new millimeter-wave spectrum, but why?

Verizon solidifies its mmWave 5G lead in the latest FCC spectrum auction.

What you need to know Verizon bought the most 5G mmWave spectrum ever, spending over $ 1.6 billion for 4,960 licenses. AT&T came in second with 3,267 licenses, while T-Mobile is in third with 2,384. This auction is the largest auction the FCC has ever held, both monetarily and in measured spectrum licensed.

In a move that’s both surprising and expected at the same time,  [Read More…]

The Wi-Fi Alliance is expanding into the 6 GHz spectrum with Wi-Fi 6E

It’ll allow for more users and more Wi-Fi networks in the same place.

What you need to know Regulators around the world may be opening up the 6GHz band to use by Wi-Fi devices. As a result, the Wi-Fi Alliance is introducing the Wi-Fi 6E branding for devices capable of operating in this spectrum. The change will allow for 14 additional 80 MHz channels and 7 additional 160 MHz channels, according to the Alliance.

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The Navy is sharing its radio spectrum with wireless carriers

More spectrum, but the Navy might step on your signal

What you need to know The FCC has been allowing wireless carriers to use Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum for service. The Navy has priority over these bands, but authorized carriers can use them for free. Next summer, the FCC will sell priority access licenses for this signal range.

The CitIzen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) channels are used primarily by the U.S. Navy for communication, but  [Read More…]

T-Mobile and Sprint to sell Boost Mobile, spectrum holdings for merger

Dish Network, Charter and Altice rumored to buy the assets.

What you need to know T-Mobile and Sprint close to agreeing to divest Boost Mobile and some spectrum. Dish Network, Charter and Altice rumored to buy the assets to create new fourth carrier. Deal between DOJ, carriers and asset buyer could be made as early as next week.

T-Mobile and Sprint are edging ever-closer to merger approval by working with the Department of Justice to divest assets  [Read More…]

Customize the glow of this Roav Spectrum Lite car charger on sale under $12

Boost how fast your device charges with this QC 3.0 car charger.

Before you end up lost on the road somewhere with a dead phone, why not prepare for low battery moments with the two-port Roav SmartCharge Spectrum Lite USB car charger? Today you can grab one at Amazon for just $ 11.89 when you clip its on-page coupon and enter promo code ROAVAF2L during checkout. That’ll save you $ 4 off its regular cost of $  [Read More…]

New York is kicking Spectrum out of the state

The ISP failed to expand its services to enough residents.

Spectrum, the home internet brand from Charter, is getting kicked out of New York in the U.S.

On Friday, July 27, ABC7 reported that state is giving Spectrum the boot after it failed to meet demands that were set in place back in 2016. Although Spectrum says it made its network available to over 86,000 residents, New York was planning on 145,000 businesses and homes being serviced.

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EE enables low-frequency spectrum to boost 4G coverage in the UK to 75%

EE is aiming to cover 95% of UK landmass with 4G by 2020.

UK carrier EE has switched on the low-frequency 800MHz spectrum (Band 20) at 700 sites across the country, bringing 4G connectivity to 5,000 square kilometers of “not spots” overnight.

The carrier has relied on 1800MHz and 2600MHz thus far, and is now leveraging the 800MHz frequency for covering rural areas. High-frequency bands are ideal for urban centers as they have the ability to  [Read More…]

Oppo R7s gets a near-stock Android experience with Project Spectrum beta

Oppo announced the company has made available a new Marshmallow-based ROM for the R7s. Called Project Spectrum, this beta test is ready for download and will be available for the R7 Plus on May 13. Project Spectrum is an alternative option for those with supported OPPO hardware who do not wish to use ColorOS. What makes this particular option worth considering is the near-stock Android experience.

The team at OPPO have fused together some of the  [Read More…]

Oppo planning Project Spectrum near-stock Android ROM for the R7s in 2016

The new Oppo R7s is now on sale in Europe, and while we’re waiting on our review unit to land, we bring news of the exciting sounding “Project Spectrum” from the Chinese manufacturer. Having been already announced for the Find 7 and Find 7a, one Android Central reader posed the question in the comments as to whether it would find its way to the R7s.

And Oppo responded with good news. It currently plans to offer the software  [Read More…]

Oppo’s Project Spectrum brings a near-stock Android experience to the Find 7 and 7a

Smartphone maker Oppo has released the first beta version of its “near-stock” Android ROM for the Find 7 and 7a, based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.