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Control the Sphero Mini app-controlled robot ball for $10 off

The Sphero Mini app-controlled robot ball is down to $ 39.99 in every available color. Choose from black, blue, green, orange, pink, or white. Today’s deal saves you $ 10 off the usual price and it comes in at just $ 5 higher than the lowest deal in history.

They see me rollin’ Sphero Mini App-Controlled Robot

Pick your favorite color and control your new gadget with your phone. This deal’s the best we’ve seen in months.

$  [Read More…]

The Sphero Bolt is a new robotic ball with programmable lights

A well-rounded device.

The new Sphero Bolt is an app-enabled robotic ball you can control with your phone. It even has an 8 x 8 pixel display you can program with custom LEDs. That might not seem like much but you can use it to distinguish different Bolt balls from each other and play games. The Bolt has an array of sensors more advanced than previous generations like the SPRK+ which can track speed, acceleration, direction, and more. The  [Read More…]

Grab a Sphero R2-D2 for $91, Kylo Ren mask or Star Wars Monopoly for $17, and more

The force is strong with this set of deals.

Following the Hollywood premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a whole bunch of awesome Star Wars accessories and games are on sale at Amazon. This is part of the company’s Gold Box deals of the day, which means the prices that are here today will be gone tomorrow. There are a bunch of items in this sale that are worth taking a look at, and most of them you  [Read More…]

Sphero is selling a murdered out R2-D2 at New York Comic Con

I know, I know. This is actually R2-Q5.

Lots of people know who R2-D2 is, but few realize that R2 is actually an indicator for a whole bunch of astromech droids. For example, the Galactic Empire utilized tons of these droids for many different ships. These droids had the same basic shape as R2-D2, but had a different paint job and clearly worked for the Bad Guys™.

The most prominent example of these other R2 units is R2-Q5, and  [Read More…]

Sphero BB-8, BB-9E, and R2-D2: Are they worth it?

What exactly are you spending $ 129 on?

While undeniably cute and the perfect size for any collector to add to a shelf, the app-controlled Star Wars Droids by Sphero are kind of expensive. If all you want is a little Star Wars-themed Droid you can drive around like an RC car, you can get away with spending less than $ 50 in most places. If you want something a little nicer and a lot more featureful,  [Read More…]

Sphero made a Spider-Man your kids can talk to like an Amazon Echo

Sphero’s contract with Disney now includes Marvel, which is great for all of us nerds. I guess kids will like it, too.

We’ve seen Sphero bring BB-8 and Lightning McQueen to life over the last year, but now is the time of superheroes. A little Spider-Man can now stand on a pedestal and interact with anyone who taps the logo on his chest, in a way that is not terribly unlike an Amazon Echo speaker without the wake command.  [Read More…]

Save $60 on the Sphero BB-8 with Star Wars Force Band!

Right now you can pick up the Sphero BB-8 with Star Wars Force Band for just $ 140, a savings of $ 60. The Force Band allows you to control the robot with gestures like Force push and drive instead of breaking out your phone to navigate it around. With the BB-8 you’ll be able to reenact scenes from the movie while it makes authentic sounds, and much more.

Whether you are a die-hard Star Wars fan,  [Read More…]

Kamigami: If Sphero Was A Bug

Kamigami! While the name conjures images of giant mechazoids ravaging the Tokyo skyline, these cute little robots are way more fun then they are terrifying. Build them yourself, control them with your phone, and program your own games!

MrMobile gets all robo-entomologist on these fun little critters, just in time to stuff some stockings. Do you like bugs? Do you like robots? Do you like Michael Fisher? I’m going to assume you answered yes to all three, so you  [Read More…]

Sphero BB-8 can board your Millennium Falcon for just £104 at Amazon

The little BB-8 unit unit can now be yours for just £104, just make sure you keep him safe from the prying eyes of the First Order. The Sphero robot can connect to your smartphone allowing you to pilot the mobile unit around the home. Amazon has subtracted 20% off the original listing price, making this quite the steal for Star Wars fans.

The unit has also received numerous updates, with one actually making it possible  [Read More…]

You can now sit through Star Wars: The Force Awakens with your friendly Sphero BB-8 unit

Sphero has updated the company’s BB-8 app, which enables the little friendly droid to enjoy Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The connected droid will be able to react to content on-screen with a combination of sound and motion. The new feature, titled “Watch With Me” prepares BB-8 for the movie, which can now be purchased on Blue-ray.

As expected, you’ll need to have a copy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens already purchased and ready  [Read More…]