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Splitting your screen makes your Chromebook even that more useful

I find that people are often surprised at just how flexible Chromebooks are as work or entertainment devices. Many of the same features that more established or expensive computers like Windows PCs and MacBooks have can also be found on Chromebooks, such as screen casting, virtual desktops, and split-screen multitasking. I’ll show you just how easy it is to enable split screens on your Chromebook so that even a modest-sized device like my little ASUS C214 Flip can  [Read More…]

Project Fi takes the guesswork out of splitting the phone bill

Don’t fight with your friends and family. Let Google be the mediator at the end of every month.

Have you ever rounded up a bunch of friends to go in on a carrier subscription in an effort to save some cash on a major family plan? I personally know people who have done this, and it’s akin to the same way that I stay subscribed to my family plan to save a couple of bucks. Splitting the bill at  [Read More…]