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Spotify Kids hands parents more control as it lands in Japan and Germany

Spotify’s Kids app remains in beta, but refinement continues.

What you need to know Spotify now gives parents more control over what content their kids can access. In the Kids app, parents can now block certain songs or albums. Spotify Kids will also now be made available in Germany and Japan as the rollout continues.

Spotify continues to develop its Kids app, an offshoot of its premium service that’s aimed to give parents a child-friendly subset of  [Read More…]

Spotify launches Group Sessions for socially-distanced group streaming

You can’t be with your friends, but you can stream with them.

What you need to know Spotify has released Group Session, a new feature that’ll make it easier to share a music experience with friends from a distance. Aimed at Premium subscribers, group features will allow two or more users to control a single queue. It’s currently in beta and will continually evolve over time.

Spotify is launching Group Session, a feature of the app that  [Read More…]

TikTok, Spotify, New York Times, and others apps face outages across the US

The issues seem to have started around 6:30 PM ET.

What you need to know The internet seems to be having some difficulties at the moment. Several apps are experiencing outages across the U.S., as well as in some parts of Europe and Australia. Those affected include Spotify, TikTok, the New York Times, Pinterest, and more.

The internet gods are angry at us — or maybe everyone staying at home and watching YouTube finally broke the internet.  [Read More…]

Spotify Premium is a work from home essential that you need to get

I don’t know how I’d work from home without it.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you recently started working from home. Even if it’s just a temporary precaution while the world fights its battle against the COVID-19 coronavirus, you’ll still want to take some time to ensure your setup is as complete as possible.

When we think about the tools required for an enjoyable work at home experience, we often flock to things like  [Read More…]

You can set Spotify to be your alarm clock on the Galaxy S20

Wake up to Beyonce or…Beiber. Whichever floats your boat.

What you need to know Samsung’s latest flagships are currently also the only devices to have the One UI 2.1 update. Alongside a range of other features, the Clock app has also seen a nifty upgrade. It now offers you the option to set Spotify as your alarm.

If you really love a particular music artist and would really like to wake up to their voice (virtually, at  [Read More…]

I’m going back to Spotify because YouTube Music still kind of sucks

I tried to switch, but I can’t fully commit just yet.

A new year is a sign of new beginnings and starting fresh. For 2020, I decided to finally give YouTube Music a fighting chance after being a Spotify customer for years. You might remember me talking about this in an editorial back in January, in which I stated that I wouldn’t be going back to Spotify after using YouTube Music for a month.

Well, a little  [Read More…]

Spotify begins rolling out real-time lyrics

It announced the feature last year and has been testing it since.

What you need to know Spotify has started to roll out its real-time song lyrics. It announced the feature last year. The feature has started showing up in the most recent Beta, and even on desktop.

Spotify has finally started to roll out its real-time song lyrics feature after it announced the feature last November.

As reported by Android Police:

One of the joys of  [Read More…]

124 million of you now subscribe to Spotify

And podcast consumption is up 200% year-on-year!

What you need to know Spotify has published its results for Q4 of 2019. The service now has 124M subscribers, up 29% year-on-year. Podcast consumption on the platform has also grown exponentially over the last 12 months.

Spotify has posted its results for Q4 of 2019, confirming that it now has 124M subscribers.

In its full release Spotify said:

The business continued to perform well in 4Q19. For the third  [Read More…]

How to see your downloaded music on Spotify

One of Spotify’s best features for Premium members is the ability to save local copies of albums and playlists for offline playback. This is a great way to cut back on your monthly data usage, and of course, it lets you listen to your favorite songs without a data connection, which is particularly useful for frequent travelers. Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t make it immediately obvious how to find your locally stored music, so we’re here to help.

Products used  [Read More…]