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Want better photo and video? Learn how to stabilize your phone

No one likes a photo that comes out blurry, terribly crooked, or, worst of all, with part of a finger blocking it. Stability is essential in photography, and with a smartphone, it’s arguably all the more important. Stabilizing photos comes in many different forms — some within the phone itself through optical or digital stabilization and others that are up to you. Here are keys to remember as you go about lining up your best photos and video.

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Stabilize your smartphone with this $6 Aukey Cell Phone Tripod

Best thing since the grain filter.

This Aukey Cell Phone Tripod Mount is down to only $ 5.99 right now over at Amazon. This thing normally sells for around $ 12, and the reviews are pretty nice too.

This tripod helps you take clearer shots and more stable video. It is compact and lightweight, but it can hold smartphones up to 5.7 inches. You can mount other cameras and things of that nature on it too, if  [Read More…]

Oppo’s SmartSensor wants to change the way smartphones stabilize images

Oppo wants to stabilize your photos on the sensor, rather than at the lens.

OIS is something we love to have in our shiny new smartphones, after all, it helps make a great mobile camera experience. During its Mobile World Congress presentation, Oppo has announced the world’s first sensor based image stabilization that it intends to put in future smartphones.

It’s also, we’re told, the smallest image stabilizer in the world.

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