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Start your audiobook collection with nearly 50% off an Audible subscription

Ever find yourself wishing you had more time to re-read your favorite books or check out new ones? Audible is the perfect solution as it allows you to start listening to books while you’re busy doing other things this summer, from driving to work or doing the dishes to mowing the lawn and more. Now through June 15, Amazon has a special deal on Audible taking 46% off the first four months for new members. That brings the price down  [Read More…]

This $40 Bundle Can Help You Start a Lucrative Career as a White Hat Hacker

In these uncertain times, finding a secure job is a priority for everyone. While many well-paid careers require college degrees, white hat hacking is open to just about anyone. These cybersecurity experts are paid good money to find the weaknesses in networks, and there is a huge demand for new talent. The Ultimate 2020 White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle helps you get started in this field, with 98 hours of training working towards top exams. You can get it now for  [Read More…]

Here’s how to use Google Meet codes to start or join a video conference

What are those random strings of letters mean?

These days with most people working from home, video conferencing is all the rage. Some platforms require you to create an account, while others let just about anyone join in, provided they have an invitation from the meeting organizer. The way Google Meet handles this is through meeting codes. We’ll explain what these are, and just what you are supposed to do with them.

Explaining Google Meet codes

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Start a face-to-face chat with friends directly through your Echo Show

I love my Amazon Echo Show device for a lot of reasons. It cycles through my favorite photos to remind me of better times. It lets me watch shows and movies while I’m cooking or doing chores. I can even get video news briefings, check the weather, and watch YouTube through an actual web browser like Mozilla’s Firefox or Amazon’s Silk (hello Google/Nest?). However, hands-down one of the neatest things it can do is easy peasy, hands-free video  [Read More…]

How to set up and start using Google Duo on the web

When you’re looking for a video chatting platform, chances are you’re interested in something that you can use on any device, not just your phone. Google Duo is a really good option that is available not only on your Android phone but also in a browser window or on your Chromebook or Chromebox device. I’ll show you how to get set up on each computer-based option so that you can start connecting with your friends, family, and colleagues  [Read More…]

Rumor suggests P40 series pricing will start at around €799

The most expensive phone could cost as much as €1,299.

What you need to know A new rumor suggests the P40 series from Huawei will start at around €799. The P40 Pro and P40 Pro Premium Edition, meanwhile, are suggested to cost around €999 – 1,099 and €1,199 – €1,299, respectively. The phones are slated for an online launch on March 26.

Despite not having the Google suite of services, Huawei’s next batch of flagships may not  [Read More…]

Galaxy S20 sales reportedly off to ‘dismal’ start, Coronavirus to blame

Sales of the three phones could still pick up in the coming weeks.

What you need to know A report out of Korea claims initial sales of Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 series phones are significantly lower than expected. Apart from the high prices of the new phones, Coronavirus infection fears may also have contributed to the lacklustre sales. While Samsung had shifted 140,000 Galaxy S10 units on day one, it could only sell 70,800 Galaxy S20 units  [Read More…]

Redmi 8A Dual debuts in India, prices start at ₹6,499 ($91)

Xiaomi also launched two Redmi Power Banks alongside the Redmi 8A Dual.

What you need to know Xiaomi’s Redmi sub-brand today launched the entry-level Redmi 8A Dual in India. The phone has been priced at ₹6,499 for the 2GB/32GB variant and ₹6,499 for the 3GB/32GB variant. It will be available for purchase in the country starting February 18.

Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi today launched an upgraded variant of its entry-level Redmi 8A smartphone in India today, dubbed the  [Read More…]

Google to play the long game, will start playing nice with Microsoft Office

Its upcoming enterprise messaging app will likely also work with the Office suite.

What you need to know Google’s Cloud division will reportedly start playing nicer with Microsoft Office. As per a new report, it hopes to entice customers into the G Suite ecosystem on a piecemeal basis, instead of signing contracts that move an organization’s entire pipeline over. The Slack competitor it’s working on will also integrate with Microsoft Office better.

Google’s hired Microsoft’s former head  [Read More…]

Super Bowl 2020 live stream: What channel, start time & how to watch free

The biggest NFL game of the year, Super Bowl 2020, takes place on February 2, which is today! Whether you are attending a party, planning to stay home, or will be traveling, one thing you may be wondering is how to watch the Super Bowl live stream. Well, there are a lot of different ways, and a lot to know about the ways to watch rhe Super Bowl live stream online.

It’s been a crazy season so far, and for  [Read More…]