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A startup called Wonder is building an Android-powered Switch competitor

The gadget is scheduled to come out at some point in 2019.

No matter how heavy of a gamer you are, you’ve likely heard about the Nintendo Switch somehow. Whether you spent the first few weeks of March last year trying to seek one out at your local retailer or know about the console through your gaming-inclined friends, the Switch has become something of a phenomenon.

Now, a startup by the name of Wonder is looking to  [Read More…]

How to customize your Chrome startup screen

How do I customize the Chrome startup screen?

Chrome is the Google browser that so many of us use to wander the internet. Setting up your startup page is a small bit of customization that could really save you time in the long run.

How to set Chrome so a new tab opens How to set Chrome so it opens the last pages you had open How to set Chrome so it opens sites How to set  [Read More…]

Google acquires ex-Googler wearables startup Cronologics to improve Android Wear

What goes around comes around.

In a quiet announcement this week, Cronologics, a small wearables startup based out of Silicon Valley, said that it has been acquired by Google to help improve Android Wear.

Cronologics, which formed in 2014, is made up of former Google employees who set out on their own during the height of wearable excitement and smartwatch growth, hoping to build a cross-platform OS that, like Pebble and its new owner Fitbit, could live between worlds,  [Read More…]

Kevin Spacey is investing in a mysterious gaming smartphone startup, Wonder

A new report claims to have some information on a startup called Wonder. The company is apparently working on a gaming-themed smartphone and counts actor Kevin Spacey among its investors.

At the moment, the official Wonder website is pretty bare bones, with an astronaut helmet logo and a “Coming Soon” label, along with an email address signup bar to get more updates as they are revealed. TechCrunch says it has a little more information on Wonder’s  [Read More…]

Samsung wants to act more like a startup

Samsung is looking to reform its working culture in a bid to foster innovation. With the smartphone segment plateauing, the South Korean manufacturer has announced that it will embrace startup culture, eschewing the top-down hierarchy it currently follows.

In a statement to Reuters, Samsung said:

We aim to reform our internal culture, execute as quickly as a startup company and push towards open communication and continuously innovate.

Samsung also mentions that the move will foster  [Read More…]

Indian startup CREO’s Mark 1 promises to be a new phone every month

With most Indian vendors focusing on making decent hardware available at affordable prices, a startup based out of Bangalore is taking a new route by focusing on the software experience. CREO — the vendor behind the Chromecast alternative Tewee — is all set to launch its first handset, the Mark 1, which will be based on an Android fork that will continually receive new updates every month.

CREO mentions that the Mark 1 will receive one  [Read More…]

Startup Nextbit to launch an Android smartphone with HTC’s former design lead

Nextbit, a San Francisco-based startup that previously announced plans to launch a software service called Baton, is making a surprise move into hardware. The company plans to launch an Android-based smartphone sometime in the future.

Google helps launch Sidewalk Labs, a start-up focused on improving city living

Google’s latest investment aims to improve life in the city with new technologies.

Google announced that it has co-created a new company focused on developing innovative technologies to improve cities. Called Sidewalk Labs, the company will tackle issues surrounding urban living, including more efficient transportation, reducing energy consumption, and lowering the cost of living.

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Augmented reality startup Magic Leap teases its technology in new video

Magic Leap, an augmented reality company that recently secured over half a billion dollars in a round of funding lead by Google, has just released a concept video showing off its technology for the first time.

Android startup Linshof shuts down before shipping anything

Linshof, a new Android startup that had made its existence known only a few weeks ago, is shutting down before ever getting a product out the door. The company says that their investors decided to close the project for unspecified reasons. Linshof had originally announced their intention to release a number of devices based on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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