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Check out today’s State of Play for The Last of Us Part II

This dark tale is almost here and there’s new gameplay to check out.

What you need to know Today, Naughty Dog and PlayStation held a new State of Play event showing off The Last of Us Part II. This showcase presented about 20 minutes of gameplay. The Last of Us Part II is set to arrive on June 19, 2020.

As promised earlier this week, PlayStation and Naughty Dog held a State of Play focused entirely on  [Read More…]

Sam Fisher is coming to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Deep State on March 24

The legend himself is coming back.

What you need to know The next update for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is called Deep State. This content drop is bringing Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell series. Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Deep State is set to release on March 24.

Sam Fisher is back. No, not in a new Splinter Cell game but he’s again being called in to help the Ghosts. In a new story adventure in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint,  [Read More…]

E3 plans to continue despite LA’s state of emergency over coronavirus

The ESA said they’re continuing to monitor the situation.

What you need to know The ESA reiterated today that it’ll be going ahead with E3 despite a state of emergency being declared in LA. The city reported six coronavirus cases on Tuesday. “The health and safety of our attendees, exhibitors, partners, and staff is our top priority,” the ESA said in a statement.

Even though Los Angeles declared a state of emergency on Wednesday surrounding concerns over  [Read More…]

Google about to get slapped with an antitrust probe by U.S. state officials

More than half the country’s State Attorneys general are said to be ready to begin processes next week.

What you need to know Approximately 30 attorney generals have signed on to an antitrust probe aimed at Google. The investigation is expected to be announced on Monday. It’s still unknown whether other tech giants like Amazon or Facebook will also see antitrust scrutiny.

The Washington Post is reporting an antitrust investigation into Google’s actions expected to be announced  [Read More…]

Amazon’s making a wearable to detect your emotional state

The wrist-worn device would determine your emotions to make helpful suggestions and sell you products.

What you need to know The patent shows the wrist-worn device would be used to determine your emotional state. Amazon would use the information to suggest products or provide other helpful suggestions. The product is currently in some form of beta testing but it may never be released.

Have you ever wished your Alexa speaker would realize when you’re feeling down so  [Read More…]

PlayStation’s next State of Play will give us an extended look at MediEvil

Don’t expect any next-gen announcements. Sony is staying tight-lipped about PS5 plans.

Was the last State of Play livestream a letdown? Temper your expectations for this next one. PlayStation has announced that the second episode will take place this week and will feature an extended look at MediEvil along with some updates and announcements from other upcoming PS4 games.

The livestream is expected to last around 10 minutes, so the “extended” preview that we’re getting of MediEvil  [Read More…]

Huawei faces allegations that it’s being funded by Chinese state security

The CIA accuses Huawei of receiving funding from Chinese state security.

Huawei is facing fresh allegations from U.S. intelligence for allegedly receiving funding from Chinese state security. According to The Times, a source informed it that the CIA has accused Huawei of receiving funding from China’s National Security Commission, the People’s Liberation Army, and a third branch of the Chinese state intelligence network.

This comes after U.S. intelligence shared its claims with members of the Five Eyes  [Read More…]

The WD My Passport 1TB portable solid state drive has dropped to $170

Portable storage that won’t disappoint.

The WD My Passport 1TB portable solid state drive is down to $ 169.99 on Amazon. This portable storage device has been selling around $ 190 for the last few months and today’s price matches the lowest it has ever gone.

Store more WD My Passport 1TB portable SSD

If you want a speedy and reliable portable SSD at its best ever price, you’re in luck. This 1TB WD model is back  [Read More…]

State of Play is a new video program bringing you PlayStation announcements

New PlayStation announcements will now be brought to the community through State of Play livestreams.

Like Inside Xbox and Nintendo Direct before it, Sony is jumping into the field of hosting livestreaming events that bring players the latest PlayStation announcements.

State of Play, as it’s being called, will debut on Monday, March 25 at 2PM PT/5PM ET. Sony did not detail what exactly to expect in the first episode, but it promises it will showcase “upcoming PS4 and  [Read More…]

What is State Share for Stadia?

Best answer: State Share allows developers to instantly share a playable moment from a game with the world state, player’s position, and inventory among other factors preserved.

Play on your TV: Chromecast Ultra ($ 69 at Amazon) Go portable: Lenovo Chromebook 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop ($ 254 at Amazon) How does State Share work?

The game’s state will be encoded in a link that tells Stadia where to pick up the game at a specific moment in time.  [Read More…]