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Stock up on household essentials at Amazon and save $10 instantly

Amazon is one of the best places to shop for all the cleaning products your home needs. Not only do you get to stay home and shop at any time of day, but Amazon also offers low prices and often beats the deals available at other retailers. Right now you’ll save an extra $ 10 on your purchase just by adding $ 35 or more worth of qualifying household essentials to your cart before checking out. The discount will appear  [Read More…]

Here’s where to find face masks in stock online right now

Face mask or no face mask? Despite the conflicting information on how face coverings work against coronavirus, doing all you can to stay protected shouldn’t be a debate. Unfortunately, finding masks in stock is a different problem altogether. Luckily, we know where to look.

Most people touch their face over 20 times per hour on average, and when you’re running to the grocery store or another public space, having a mask on is a physical reminder not to  [Read More…]

Here’s where to find Clorox wipes in stock online right now

Ever since the world began taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously, store shelves have become routinely empty of certain essential items that one might need while they’re staying at home for weeks at a time. If you’ve been trying to get your hands on disinfecting wipes without searching every local store within a 20-mile radius, you’ve come to the right place.

Where to find Clorox wipes in stock The Best Instacart: shop disinfecting wipes Target: shop disinfecting wipes Staples:  [Read More…]

Here are the stores that still have disposable gloves in stock

Like just about everyone else on the planet right now, you’re probably looking to stock up on cleaning supplies, groceries, and other essentials. We live in uncertain times, so having a reasonable amount of items you rely on is a smart move. However, with everyone and their cousin doing the same thing, it can be difficult to find many of these things in stock.

Where to buy disposable gloves now Amazon: Shop from home Target: In-store and  [Read More…]

Where to buy face masks: These retailers still have stock available

I think it’s safe to say that we’re currently living in uncertain times. People are working from home, kids are out of school, and there’s a nationwide push for everyone to stay home and not go outside unless they absolutely have to, and everyone is trying to figure out where to buy face masks.

Amazon: Shop from home Lowe’s: Check your local store Ace Hardware: If you need N95 CVS: Your mileage may vary Walgreens: Press your  [Read More…]

Where to buy coronavirus cleaning supplies: These retailers have stock

With the coronavirus continuing to spread, it’s understandable that people are wanting to ensure their hands and homes are clean. However, panic buying has led to essential cleaning supplies becoming quite hard to find at various retailers across the country. Seemingly gone are the days of being able to stroll into your local store and pick up some cleaning wipes or sprays with shelves laying empty at many locations. Fortunately, you can still buy these products if you know where  [Read More…]

Where to buy hand sanitizer: These retailers still have stock available

Hand sanitizer is something you normally can walk into any store and buy, whether you needed a large bottle for your office or a small one for your travel bag. Right now, supply is at an all-time low, and finding it can be quite difficult. Fears and concerns around the Coronavirus continue to grow and escalate around the world, and supplies of essential items continue to dwindle as a result.

Where to buy hand sanitizer Amazon: Delivered to your  [Read More…]

Beat the stock market with this $49 quantitative trading bundle

If you want to take advantage of everything that the stock market has to offer so you can start saving for your future, you’re going to need more than a simple financials breakdown of your top five favorite companies.

In a market where trades are made in fractions of a second using complex algorithms, you need to have a fundamental understanding of how quantitive analysis is used in order to take advantage of small fluctuations of market shares  [Read More…]

Google Shopping launches in the U.S. with price tracking, local stock info

Google Lens is also getting a new “style ideas” function.

What you need to know Google is formally launching Google Shopping in the U.S. — a revamped version of Google Express. New features include price tracking, stock availability at nearby stores, and “Buy on Google.” There’s also a new Google Lens feature.

Google Express, Google’s online shopping service in the U.S., is no more. The company announced early last month that Express would be rebranded as Shopping,  [Read More…]

Popeyes App now tells you when its chicken sandwich is in stock

A small price to pay, if you ask me.

What you need to know Popeyes has a new chicken sandwich and it’s basically impossible to find right now. If you install the Popeyes app and pick a store, you’ll be notified when the sandwich is back. You have to enable notifications for this to work.

Popeyes has taken the United States by storm this past week thanks to its new chicken sandwich. Early reports that it topped  [Read More…]