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The Pixel 4a is getting speedy, flagship level storage

Along with RAM and processor upgrades, the adoption of UFS means the Pixel 4a will be meaningfully faster than the 3a.

What you need to know Google’s Pixel 4a will come equipped with faster UFS storage. Along with the Pixel 4a’s 6GB of RAM and Snapdragon 730, this represents a substantial upgrade over the 3a. UFS storage will provide SSD like speeds for Google’s budget phone, meaning apps and games will launch faster.

Google’s Pixel 4a is  [Read More…]

Don’t run out of storage on your Raspberry Pi with these SD cards

Your Raspberry Pi 4 doesn’t have any internal storage of its own so all of the software, including the operating system, runs off the SD card you supply. That means it’s essential to find the right card; one that’s fast enough, robust enough, has enough storage, and won’t break the bank. You can use any SD card, but here’s a list that will help you get the most out of your Pi.

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What is Scoped Storage in Android 11?

A controversial change that originally was slated for Android 10 becomes mandatory for all new apps in August 2020 and every app targeting Android 11: Scoped Storage. Here’s what you need to know about it.

When Android 10 was still in its early beta days, Google had plans for a big change in the way that apps could access the files and folders in your phone’s external storage (things like photos that you or other apps placed  [Read More…]

Get 2TB of cloud storage and organization for less than $50

Keeping your data nicely filed and organized is a noble pursuit but one that most people simply don’t have the time or patience to consistently adhere to. As such, many of us have to skip between folders, apps, and bookmarked cloud storage accounts to figure out where exactly we put that editable W-9 PDF. It’s a chore, but Rethink Files was designed to make it easier.

Rethink Files is a universal file manager for all of your apps and folders.  [Read More…]

iQOO 3 5G with Snapdragon 865, UFS 3.1 storage will debut on February 25

The phone’s India launch date, however, hasn’t been confirmed yet.

What you need to know Vivo’s iQOO sub-brand today announced that its next flagship smartphone, iQOO 3 5G, will launch in China on February 25. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the company will be holding an online-only event to unveil the smartphone. iQOO has confirmed that the smartphone will come with a Snapdragon 865 SoC, fast UFS 3.1 storage, and a quad-camera setup.

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Samsung Galaxy S10: Which storage size should I buy?

Best answer: Most people will be happy with the base model of the Galaxy S10 or S10+ with 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. That’s plenty of storage and more than enough memory for all but the most hardcore users. The extra cost of moving up to 512GB of storage just isn’t worth it for most people, unless you’re currently maxing out a 128GB phone.

Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S10 ($ 700) Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S10+ ($  [Read More…]

How much storage will the PlayStation 5 have?

Best answer: Nobody knows just yet. However, based on past PlayStation launches we expect to see 1TB for the basic build.

Thousands to choose from: PlayStation Store Gift Card (From $ 10 at Amazon) Hello solid-state drive

PlayStation has been keeping quite a few aspects of the PS5 hush-hush. How much storage room the PS5 will have is one such secret. What we know is that the new PS5 is being built with a solid-state drive (SSD) instead  [Read More…]

The Top 4 Cloud Backup and Storage Deals of 2019

The amount of data we consume has skyrocketed in the past decade, and it’s only expected to increase as we enter 2020. Thankfully, cloud storage services are more affordable and reliable than ever. If you’re looking for a reliable cloud storage service to use for work or storing precious family photos, we have four amazing deals that you can get at massive discounts.

ThunderDrive Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription

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Running out of storage on your Android device? Here’s what to do!

One of the most important features of your smartphone is its storage. This is how you download your favorite apps, save all of your special photos, download music playlists for long road trips — you name it. The longer you hold onto your phone, the more likely it is you’ll start to run out of space at some point down the road. Should you find yourself in this situation, here are a few tips on how to free  [Read More…]

Save storage with Google Photos by deleting local copies and screenshots

A quick and easy way to open uo storage.

Google Photos is an absolutely incredible service that backs up all of your photos and videos you’ve ever taken, completely free of charge — at least, so long as you’re okay with slightly compressed versions of your shots. For full-resolution uploads, you’ll need to dip into your limited cloud storage space, which means paying for more when you run out.

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