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Here are the stores that still have disposable gloves in stock

Like just about everyone else on the planet right now, you’re probably looking to stock up on cleaning supplies, groceries, and other essentials. We live in uncertain times, so having a reasonable amount of items you rely on is a smart move. However, with everyone and their cousin doing the same thing, it can be difficult to find many of these things in stock.

Where to buy disposable gloves now Amazon: Shop from home Target: In-store and  [Read More…]

Samsung is closing its U.S. and Canadian stores because of the coronavirus

You can still buy products from the company’s online stores, however.

What you need to know For the safety of its employees and customers, Samsung has decided to shutter its stores in both the U.S. and Canada. The company did not specify when stores would reopen. Samsung’s online stores are still fully functional, however, and the company will continue fulfilling those orders.

YH Eom, CEO of Samsung Electronics America, announced this week that the company was “temporarily  [Read More…]

How to easily make hand sanitizer at home when all the stores run out

If you can’t buy it, make it.

Coronaviruses like COVID-19 spread through human contact, and one of the most effective ways to curb its spread is by washing your hands. Hand sanitizer is just as effective at killing bacteria and viruses, and it’s easier to use when you’re out and about. Here’s how you can make your own hand sanitizer at home.

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Galaxy Z Flip already sold out in stores, but you can still buy it online

Samsung had limited units of the Galaxy Z Flip up for sale at retail stores, and they’re already sold out.

What you need to know Samsung kicked off pre-orders for the Galaxy Z Flip, and the phone is already sold out at retail stores. Retail availability was every limited to begin with, and it looks like less than 10 units were available per outlet. You can still pre-order the phone directly from Samsung, but you’ll have to  [Read More…]

Forget NFC, Amazon wants you to pay in stores with your hand

The payment solution is still in its early stages.

What you need to know Amazon is working on a new solution that will allow consumers to pay for purchases at stores using their palm. The payments system will make it possible for individuals to link their card information to their hands. Amazon will reportedly pitch the checkout terminals to fast-food restaurants, coffee shops, and other stores.

A report published by New York Post in September last year  [Read More…]

Google denies Epic’s request to be exempt from the Play Store’s 30% fee

Epic says that it did not ask for special exemption for itself, but that it wanted to see changes to the smartphone ecosystem across the board.

What you need to know Google takes a standard 30% cut from app revenue on its Play Store. Epic asked for Fortnite to be exempt from this fee. Google denied its request.

There are some facts in life that are indisputable. The sky is blue. Water is wet. Epic Games can’t  [Read More…]

The Play Store’s auto-playing videos will have a toggle to turn them off

It’s still in testing for now.

What you need to know Google has been experimenting with auto-playing videos in the Play Store since August. The company recently added a toggle turn the feature off by default. The change was supposed to officially roll out in September, but the company still hasn’t made it widely available.

Google’s making a change to the Play Store that most of us will probably not like. It’s been testing autoplay videos for  [Read More…]

The Play Store’s dark theme now works on Samsung phones running Android Pie

It’s rolling out now as a server-side update.

What you need to know Samsung’s One UI night mode will automatically enable the Google Play Store dark theme. The Google Play Store is one of the few apps that only support system-level automatic theme switching. Google needs to flip the switch on the server-side for this to happen, so you may need to be patient.

Night mode has been all the rage lately. From various Google apps like  [Read More…]

Amazon Books and 4-star stores offer early discounts before Prime Day hits

Prime members get all the best discounts this July.

In celebration of Amazon’s upcoming Prime Day, Amazon Books and Amazon 4-star stores will be offering in-store exclusives for Prime members starting today and lasting through the big event featuring giveaways, deals on Amazon devices, and more. Prime members can even earn a $ 10 promotional credit when they spend $ 50 in-store at one of the 19 Amazon Books or three Amazon 4-star stores through July 16.  [Read More…]

Looking for limited edition PS4s? These stores might have what you want

Best answer: You can’t get them first-hand, but there are plenty of places to find discontinued consoles, like eBay, Gamestop, and more. Don’t be afraid to shop around! Each store has its pros and cons when shopping for a discontinued item. Be prepared to take your time if you’re looking for a specific model.

Blue and gold beauty: PS4 Slim Days of Play Limited Bundle ($ 420 at Newegg) A pro with the Force: PS4 Pro Star  [Read More…]