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Amazon sued over warehouse safety conditions after COVID-19 related death

Amazon’s warehouses are the perfect breeding ground for a coronavirus outbreak.

What you need to know Amazon has been sued by employees over worker safety issues in its fulfillment warehouses. At least one employee contracted COVID-19 from its warehouses, leading to a death. The company also faced similar legal issues in France.

Amazon has been sued by employees over its warehouse conditions which allegedly foster the spread of the novel-coronavirus or COVID-19. The suit arose after an  [Read More…]

Apple and Google sued by Ubisoft over sale of Rainbow Six ‘carbon copy’

“Virtually every aspect of AF2 is copied from R6S, from the operator selection screen to the final scoring screen, and everything in between.”

What you need to know Apple and Google are being sued by game developer Ubisoft. A lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles, May 15, over sales of a game called Area F2. Ubisoft claims the game is a ‘carbon copy’ of Rainbow Six: Siege.

Game developer Ubisoft is suing both Apple and Google, over  [Read More…]

Google sued for allegedly streaming unlicensed music on its services

Apple, Soundcloud and Amazon are also welcome to the party.

What you need to know Google has been sued for copyright infringement by Pro Music Rights LLC. The suit is a result of allegedly failing to properly license music for their platforms. Google currently offers two streaming services, YouYube Music and Google Play Music.

Google is getting sued for copyright infringement on both its Google and YouTube Music services by royalty collection firm, Pro Music Rights. The  [Read More…]

Human Head Studios, now Roundhouse Studios, is being sued by Ragnarok

A messy situation where a studio that no longer exists is being sued.

What you need to know Human Head Studios, developer of games such as Prey (2007) and Rune II, shut down a while ago. The entire team was acquired by Bethesda Softworks and reorganized into Roundhouse Studios. Human Head Studios is being sued by Ragnarok, publisher of Rune II. Ragnarok alleges that Human Head Studios caused multiple delays for the game and has refused to  [Read More…]

Samsung sued over misleading water resistance claims on Galaxy phones

Samsung is in hot water after regulator finds IP ratings don’t really hold up at the beach.

What you need to know An Australian regulator is suing Samsung for making false claims regarding the water resistance on Galaxy devices. Samsung advertised Galaxy devices near water bodies, leading customers to think the phones were resistant to the elements. The IP68 rating is for fresh water, and it doesn’t hold up at the beach or a swimming pool.

Samsung  [Read More…]

AT&T is being sued by Sprint for falsely advertising 5G on its phones

The 5G Evolution drama continues.

In late December last year, AT&T announced that it was starting to put “5GE” indicators on some of its phones in areas where subscribers are using its upgraded LTE network. The speeds on the upgraded network are faster than regular LTE, but it’s still not true 5G.

Not being too keen about this trickery, Sprint’s decided to issue a lawsuit against AT&T.

Per part of the lawsuit:

AT&T has employed numerous deceptive  [Read More…]

Google’s being sued for paying off execs accused of sexual harassment

The lawsuit calls for three independent individuals to join Alphabet’s board.

Google had a big presence at this week’s CES 2019 trade show, but with a new lawsuit being issued against the company from shareholders, it might have to get ready to make an appearance in court.

James Martin, a shareholder of Google’s parent company Alphabet, filed a lawsuit against the company at the San Mateo Superior Court claiming that Google breached its trust with shareholders when  [Read More…]

Google and Apple are being sued by France for ‘abusive’ developer contracts

France is also seeking to close tax loopholes that the companies are using.

On Wednesday, March 14, France announced that it was filing a lawsuit against Google and Apple as a result of unfair treatment for app/software developers in the country.

The lawsuit is seeking fines of $ 2.5 million USD (or 2 million euros in the country), and it cites that the two tech giants have created “abusive” contractual agreements for startups and developers in France.

  [Read More…]