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How to use Google Home to prep for your Super Bowl party!

Use your Google Home to get prepped for the Super Bowl!

The Super Bowl is the biggest football game of the year, and it’s nearly here. That means running to the store to make sure you’ve got everything you need, ensuring that your living room is ready to fit 10 people all hollering about the game, and taking advantage of the ways that Google Home can help you prepare.

From control over your connected home devices to  [Read More…]

You can now download Google’s super useful Contacts app

Google’s Contact app is now available on Lollipop and higher.

The contact application isn’t something most people worry too much about when they set up a new device. So long as the user can synchronize their contact information and make any necessary edits throughout time, what else is there to worry about? Well, good design is something users may appreciate, and today users will have one more option for contact management.

Google’s Contact application was  [Read More…]

Project Treble is super exciting, but custom Android interfaces are here to stay

The future of Android updates is upon us … sort of.

For the Android enthusiasts among us, Google’s announcement of Project Treble felt like a message straight from the heavens. The new system, coming in Android O, lays the groundwork for Android devices to have proper separation between the core of Android and the necessary (and unnecessary) customizations device manufacturers need to apply before sending out software updates. Functionally, it means Google can update its own parts  [Read More…]

Android Central Podcast: The Galaxy S8 super show!

It’s here! Daniel, Florence, Michael Fisher (MrMobile), and special guest David Ruddock of Android Police have all reviewed the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and go in-depth about what’s good and what’s not so good.

Why did Samsung ship Bixby half-finished, and was the oft-criticized fingerprint sensor going to be somewhere else until a last-minute change forced Samsung’s hand? And are the cameras better because they’re more accurate, or in spite of it?

Join us as we answer these questions and  [Read More…]

Super Mario Run Tips and Tricks

Best your friends in Toad Rally races with these tips and tricks for Super Mario Run.

As expected, Super Mario Run has quickly jumped up to the top of the Google Play Store app charts, as millions of Android users finally get a chance to check in with Mario’s latest adventure.

Once you’ve completed the main story mode, Toad Rally emerges as the core mode in which you’ll spend most of your time playing. Racing against other  [Read More…]

Super Mario Run is too repetitive to justify its premium price

Super Mario Run is fun, but not worth the premium price.

When Shigeru Miyamoto took to the stage at Apple’s September 2016 event to announce that iOS would be getting the first Super Mario game developed for mobile (excluding Nintendo’s own handhelds of course) the hype was off the charts. I mean, come on. It’s Mario on your phone at long last! How could you mess that up, right?

Now, after a three-month wait, the hype has  [Read More…]

Super Mario Run is finally available on Android, and it’s worth buying

The Nintendo game you’ve all been waiting for is here!

Android gamers now have one more title to claim as their own, and one fewer that their iOS counterparts can’t lord over them. That’s right, Super Mario Run is now available on Android, three months after it debuted on the iPhone.

The game is actually considerably newer than the version that debuted three months ago, since it includes all the updates and bug fixes, plus a bunch  [Read More…]

Super Mario Run for Android will be available March 23

The Android version of Super Mario Run finally has a launch date.

Super Mario Run will be available from the Play Store on March 23, Nintendo announced today. The update will be version 2.0.0 of the app, which suggests that it’ll include all the improvements that Nintendo has made to the iOS version of Super Mario Run in the months since its launch.

As a reminder, Super Mario Run is free to start, with the first three levels being available at  [Read More…]

Super Mario Run comes to Google Play March 23, you can pre-register now

Get ready to run as Mario and friends come to Google Play!

Nintendo America just dropped the date of March 23 as the day Super Mario Run comes to the Google Play Store.

In January we heard that Nintendo was putting more focus on getting Super Mario Run to Android, and March was their target for release. They will come in just in time according to this evening’s news.

Android version of #SuperMarioRun will be available  [Read More…]

The Raspberry Pi Zero makes a great, super cheap Kodi box

The Raspberry Pi 3 isn’t the only cheap Kodi box you can make yourself.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has another insanely affordable computer that you can make things with. The Pi Zero costs a ridiculously low $ 5 and is every bit as accessible, if a little more limited, than its bigger brother.

Just as we did with the Raspberry Pi 3, we made a little Kodi box out of the Pi Zero and frankly, it’s amazing  [Read More…]