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Every country and carrier that supports Google RCS

The RCS rollout continues across the globe.

RCS is an upgrade to the standard SMS messaging feature set that exists on all smartphones. It adds typing indicators, read receipts, emoji reactions, support for higher quality file sharing, and so on. In essence, it turns basic SMS into instant messaging and makes the Messages app an iMessage and WhatsApp competitor. While it is typically carrier dependent, Google has opted to take on that burden for now while carriers  [Read More…]

Stadia now supports OnePlus devices, adds Android screenshot feature

You can grab images of your favorite Stadia titles with ease.

What you need to know Stadia has received some updates in April, bringing some features fans have been asking for. To start, Stadia now supports OnePlus devices. Additionally, you can now take screenshots on Android devices with Stadia.

In a blog post, Google recapped all the new updates, features and announcements for Stadia during the month of April. Stadia is now compatible with OnePlus 8 and  [Read More…]

Chrome OS now supports Netflix’s PiP, Ambient EQ

Ambient EQ is making an entrance first on the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook.

What you need to know Google has spotlighted two new Chrome OS features coming this month. The operating system now supports Ambient EQ, allowing for adaptive displays that adjust color temperature and white balance based on the environment. Netflix’s Picture-in-Picture mode also now works on Chromebooks via the Android app.

Google has announced two new features that are ready for Chrome OS users this month.  [Read More…]

Google Translate now supports five more languages

The first new languages to be supported by Google Translate in four years.

What you need to know Google is adding support for five new languages into Google Translate. The languages are Kinyarwanda, Odia, Tatar, Turkmen and Uyghur, which Google says are spoken by more than 75 million people. The service now supports 108 languages in total.

Google has added support for five new languages in Google Translate. These are Kinyarwanda, Odia (Oriya), Tatar, Turkmen, and Uyghur.  [Read More…]

Google Assistant now supports Google Keep and other notes/lists services

There’s also support for Any.do, AnyList, and Bring!.

What you need to know You’ll be able to ask your Google Assistant to create a list and add items to it via voice commands. List and note services available will be Google Keep, Any.do, AnyList, and Bring!. The notes and lists feature rolling out today and will be in the services tab for Google Assistant settings.

The holiday season can get hectic with gatherings to plan, shopping to  [Read More…]

Twitter now supports two-factor authentication without a phone number

But it’s not as simple as it sounds…

What you need to know Twitter now supports two-factor authentication without a phone number. Previously, users were still required to add a phone number to their Twitter account as a failsafe. Security key users will still need a second method of authentication because security keys are not supported beyond Twitter’s web version.

Twitter has announced that it now supports two-factor authentication without the need for a phone number.

@TwitterSafety  [Read More…]

The Pixel 4 now supports RCS messaging on Google Fi

Plus, you can flip-flop between cell networks at will with dual-SIM support

What you need to know Google has enabled RCS messaging on Pixel 4 on Google Fi. Pixel 4 users can also now use two SIM accounts for different tasks. Google Senior Director Sanaz Ahari slipped this info on Twitter.

The Google Pixel 4 is getting a software update that will enable features like RCS messaging and DSDS, according to tweets posted by Sanaz Ahari, Sr.  [Read More…]

Google Pay now supports biometric facial recognition

Pay with your face on the Google Pay app by just by glancing at your Pixel 4.

What you need to know The Google Pay Android app was updated on October 24 to support facial recognition in addition to fingerprint recognition for authentication. Payments can now be made from Google Pay just by looking your phone if you own a Pixel 4. Google Pay joins half a dozen other apps in providing support for Google’s new BiometricPrompt  [Read More…]

Microsoft Launcher beta now supports system theme settings

Microsoft Launcher beta now works with your Android device’s system theme.

What you need to know Microsoft Launcher beta can now follow your system’s theme setting. Microsoft Launcher already had a dark theme, but it can now match your devices’ theme. Android devices need to run Android 9 or later to use the new feature.

Microsoft Launcher beta has a small update that makes it easier to use the app’s dark mode (via Neowin). The update brings  [Read More…]

LastPass beta now supports Face Unlock on Pixel 4

It’s one of the few apps that currently works with the feature.

What you need to know LastPass just released a new beta that supports Android’s updated BiometricPrompt API. This functionality enables the use of the face unlock feature of your Pixel 4 in place of a password. Fingerprints will still work on phones with fingerprint readers. You’ll need to enroll in the LastPass beta in order to get the update.

LastPass is now one of the  [Read More…]