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Dark Swords 2 is a dazzling new RPG you must play

If you’re going to include an auto-play function in your mobile game, you damn well better make the graphics and art style really pretty to back it up. This is exactly the case with Dark Sword 2, an action RPG game that blends tag-team combat with the all-too-familiar grind found in so many mobile RPGs. Once it ramps up, Dark Sword 2 is a dazzling display of colorful attacks and parries and will check a lot of boxes  [Read More…]

Eternity Warriors – More swords, less guns than Gun Bros. [App Review]

f-1024-0Eternity Warriors is another action/joystick adventure game developed by Glu Mobile, the creators of the great Gun Bros, Star Blitz, and Super KO Boxing 2. While Eternity Warriors is one of their newest offerings, it draws heavily from Gun Bros and Star Blitz. Glu Mobile hasn’t evolved or gone astray from its highly successful Gun Bros-gameplay style  [Read More…]