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Google Contacts syncing not working for some users — here’s how to fix it

Data not syncing for your Google Contacts? This is what to do.

You might not consciously think about it, but chances are you use Google Contacts every single day. It’s a fairly unexciting service, but it’s also one of the most important when it comes to communication. Unfortunately for some users, one of Contacts’ biggest features – data syncing – simply hasn’t been working.

If you’re affected by this bug, you’ll see that contacts that are saved  [Read More…]

LastPass goes free on mobile devices, still requires subscription for cross-platform syncing

LastPass, a popular password management app, has made its app free to use on mobile phones and tablets, but still requires a $ 12 annual fee to sync that information with a computer. Previously, the company offered its services for free on computers, but required the fee for mobile users, and that has now changed.

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Android 101: How to manage syncing in Gmail

Sync Labels

Here’s another one for you Gmail lovers. If you like to keep your inbox organized — which we know you do — instead of a cluttered mess, odds are you probably have a few rules, and a bunch of labels already set up. Did you know that you can manage what labels sync to your device, and how far back the sync goes for each label individually? Pretty sweet huh — so  [Read More…]