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Get rid of the clutter by grouping your tabs in Google Chrome

Keep your tabs organized.

Google has decided to release a new feature to Chromebook owners and general Chrome users who have problems with too many tabs and the disorganization that comes with it. Tab Groups are created with a right-click, and then you can customize them with colors and even group naming. Those who like visual cues to see where work is being done, or to separate work from play will enjoy using this new feature.

How  [Read More…]

These are the best Bluetooth trackers to keep tabs on valuables

Once upon a time, you’d lose track of your keys and spend precious time searching for them. Now, you have phones and Bluetooth. When you combine the two, you have Bluetooth trackers that connect to your phone. When you lose an item, you’re only an app away from quickly finding it again. Tile continues to dominate this market and recently refreshed its lineup. Our favorite is still the Tile Pro. The new edition offers an unbeatable range, the  [Read More…]

Keep tabs on your health with this discounted Hylogy Bluetooth Smart Scale

Step right up.

Amazon usually sells the Hylogy Bluetooth Smart Scale for $ 25, but using coupon code VLM6WHVZ during checkout will drop the cost to $ 17.49 today. We’ve never posted a better discount for this item.

Use the scale and the free app for iOS and Android to sync data with apps like Apple Health or Google Fit. There are eight analysis categories, ranging from body fat and muscle mass to BMI and BMR. There’s  [Read More…]

Keep tabs on your body with the $79 QardioArm wireless blood pressure cuff

Be aware.

The QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor normally costs around $ 95, but right now Amazon is offering it for $ 78.98. This price is the best we’ve seen in over a year.

This medically accurate upper arm blood pressure monitor is easy to set up. It works wirelessly with your iOS and Android devices, and it can support multiple users as well. Simply use the free Qardio app to upload, store, and share data with  [Read More…]

This simple Chrome extension makes new tabs gorgeous

Google’s backdrops are great, but Apple’s Aerials are awesome.

We’ve talked about how easy it is to bring Apple TV’s excellent Aerial screensavers to Android TV. It’s also possible to use them as your Mac background. And for everyone else — especially those of the chromeOS variety — it’s also possible to use them as what you see when you fire up a new tab in the world’s best browser.

Here’s how to do it:

Install this Chrome extension.  [Read More…]

Chrome for Android stops merging apps and tabs by default

Google’s browser quietly reverts to the old-style tab switcher on phones — but you’ll only see the change in a fresh Chrome installation.

In a quiet but not insignificant move, Google has changed the default way its Chrome browser handles tabs on Android phones. Since the arrival of Android 5.0 Lollipop, Chrome has let each tab display its own card inside the Overview menu. (That’s the list of cards you see when pressing the Recent Apps  [Read More…]

Keep tabs on your family and connected tech with Moto Loop

Motorola wants to be the center of your connected life with their new app.

Our lives are becoming more connected every day. We have connected thermostats, and lights, along with Smartwatches and mobile computers that live in our pockets. Still, trying to keep track of your family and technology can mean going through multiple apps, along with messenger apps. Motorola aims to solve that problem with their app Moto Loop. This brilliant apps gives you a  [Read More…]

Track & Treat lets you keep tabs on your kids for Halloween

Halloween is just over a week away, which means kids will be roaming the streets in search of sweet treats. If you’re a parent, this can be a little nerve-wracking to say the least, but an app called Track & Treat by developer Glympse is aiming to help ease that worry.

Chrome Beta for Android updated with Chrome Custom Tabs, Bookmarks interface tweaks

Google has announced the rollout of Chrome Beta 45 for Android, bringing a handful of new features to the mobile browser, along with a helping of bug fixes. Coming along in version 45 are Chrome Custom Tabs, an updated Bookmarks interface, and more.

How to merge and unmerge Chrome tabs in Lollipop

It’s either the best or worst feature ever invented, depending on who you ask.

Everyone uses their devices just a little bit differently, and the web browser is more often than not a perfect example of that statement. Chrome for Android offers many great features, including the ability to sync all of your data across multiple devices so you are always with whatever tabs you left open elsewhere. How we use those tabs is often a  [Read More…]