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Google will donate $12 million to organizations tackling racial injustice

Googlers will also be holding an 8 minute 46-second long moment of silence at 1:00 PM PDT.

What you need to know Google has pledged $ 12 million to organizations tackling racial injustice. The company has already pledged $ 1 million to the Center for Policing Equity. Googlers will also be called to hold an 8 minute 46-second long moment of silence later today.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai today commented on the protests in the United States  [Read More…]

Yelp is tackling gender neutral bathroom discovery in its latest update

It’s a simple feature, but it will make a huge impact for some.

Yelp, the first big name in discovering restaurants near you that offer exactly what you’re craving, has made several significant moves in the name of inclusion and acceptance recently. It was one of the few apps that lets you know when a restaurant is wheelchair accessible or offers a military discount, and now there’s a feature for anyone in need of a gender neutral  [Read More…]

The genius of Google Play Services: Tackling Android fragmentation, malware and forking in one fell swoop

In Play Services, Google has a silver bullet with which to combat some of Android’s greatest weaknesses.

If you pay close enough attention to these things, you’ve probably seen Google Play Services updating from time to time on your Android devices. If you follow the more technical side of Android, you’ll know it was announced a couple of years ago to introduce new APIs and features in a way that doesn’t require a firmware update. You  [Read More…]