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CMT and Sprint team up to create the latest Sprint ID pack for country music fans


If country music is your thing and you’re a Sprint customer, the latest Sprint ID may be right up your alley. The folks from CMT have teamed up with Sprint to create the ultimate country music Sprint ID pack complete with apps, widgets wallpapers and more. Included in the pack aside from Rhapsody, Soundhound and The Grand Ole Opry is quite a few CMT select items such as:

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Team TouchDroid disbands; posts installation tutorial for developers

HP Touchpad Android

If you haven’t been following the team TouchDroid saga lately, here’s the “too long; didn’t read” version. Some code used in a recent demo video or two wasn’t properly credited (to CyanogenMod). On purpose. Names were exchanged. Accounts were banned. Feelings were hurt. The team has called it quits. Tragic, we know. But that doesn’t mean the task of porting Android to the HP TouchPad is dead. It is  [Read More…]

Team TouchDroid Hard at Work, Touchscreen and Multitouch Now Functional

Since HP’s fire sale of TouchPads, Team TouchDroid has been hard at work to successfully get Android ported to the device. It appears that they’ve made a breakthrough, as they’re reporting that they have Android 2.3.5 booting on the TouchPad, with touchscreen drivers working, and 10-finger multitouch functioning as well. You can see what that looks like in the video below.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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Endomondo, Jabra Team up for New Bluetooth Headset

You know you always want to grab your headphones when you go out for a jog?  Don’t you wish there was something better to put into your ears as you trek across the tri-county area?  Jabra understands your needs and announced the launch of two products today that will become a part of a new Jabra Sports portfolio. Expected to be available this month (September) the Jabra SPORT and  [Read More…]