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Microsoft releases Outlook Groups for Android to help you engage with your team

Microsoft released Outlook Groups for Windows 10 Mobile and now the company has rolled out the app to both Android and iOS. Requiring an active Office 365 subscription, Outlook Groups enables you to communicate and engage with your team. It’s possible to connect to work and school accounts to collaborate and take advantage of other unique features.

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How to add every NFL team schedule to your Google Calendar

We know the NFL season has already started, but it’s not too late to start following along. If you want to casually keep up with the NFL and at least know what teams are playing every week, it’s easy to add the schedule of your favorite team to Google Calendar. Or if you’re a diehard fan, you can add and follow every single team in the league — we won’t judge. It’s a simple process either way,  [Read More…]

GreenIQ and AT&T team up for 3G-enabled Smart Garden Hub

You may already have a smarthome hub for the inside of your house, and now AT&T and a company called GreenIQ are hoping you’ll want a hub for the outdoors as well. GreenIQ has just unveiled the first 3G version of its Smart Garden hub, which is powered by AT&T.

GreenIQ’s Smart Garden Hub allows users to better manage the watering of their garden based on “hyper-local weather information.” In addition to connecting to your garden’s  [Read More…]

Follow the Android Central team at IFA in Berlin!

IFA 2015 is almost upon us. It’s looking to be pretty interesting this year, if we do say so ourselves. Unfortunately for most of us, IFA is in Berlin, so going is kinda difficult. Thankfully, Mobile Nations is sending in five of the best technology journalists to IFA to cover the insanity. When they’re not writing up articles fast as their fingers will let them or playing with all the cool  [Read More…]

T-Mobile revenue surges in Q2 2015 as more customers join team magenta

T-Mobile today released the company’s full report for Q2 2015, announcing increased revenue of 14% year-on-year. As previously covered, the company also managed to add a total of 2.1 million new customers to the network during the quarter.

Comcast and EA team up to launch Xfinity Games streaming service beta

Comcast is preparing to launch a new service for its customers called Xfinity Games. It is teaming up with game publisher Electronic Arts on this new venture, which is currently taking sign-ups for its beta test. Xfinity Games will give customers a way to play games on their big screen TV that are streamed via their Comcast-provided set-top box.

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Samsung and Best Buy team up to bring you the first look at the Jurassic Environment on the Gear VR

Customers who want to dive into the Jurassic period will be able to head into select Best Buy locations and use Samsung’s Gear VR to time travel.

With Jurassic World coming out on June 12, Best Buy and Samsung have partnered up yet again to bring customers a first look at some content through the eyes of virtual reality. Best Buy locations throughout the country will begin showing an exclusive clip of the film on Samsung’s  [Read More…]

Huawei and Volkswagen will team up to connect smartphones and cars

Soon, smartphones made by Huawei will soon have apps that will allow those devices to connect seamlessly to cars made by Volkswagen.

Even as Android Auto begins its slow rollout in the US, there are even more projects in the works for the connected car fan. Today, Huawei announced plans to partner with Volkswagen to allow smartphones made by the Chinese company to connect to some Volkswagen vehicles.

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The Chrome Android development team is holding a Reddit AMA at 6 p.m. EDT

Google’s Chrome development team for Android will be ready to answer some questions later today during a AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit.

If you have any burning questions about the current and future state of the Chrome web browser for Android, they might just be answered by members of its development team starting in less than an hour on Reddit.

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Google and Nestlé team up again for limited edition ‘YouTube Break’ KitKat bars

Google and Nestlé have teamed up again for a branding campaign that will replace the logo on KitKat wrappers in the UK with “YouTube Break.”

Extending their partnership beyond the candy-themed name of Android 4.4. KitKat, Google and Nestlé have teamed up for a campaign the will substitute the iconic KitKat logo on 600,000 limited edition wrappers with “YouTube Break” branding in the UK to celebrate 80 years of KitKat and 10 years of YouTube.

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