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Telltale Games and Marvel to team up for new game series coming in 2017

While details are still a bit scarce, Telltale games announced today that it is teaming up with Marvel for a new game series to debut in 2017.

Samsung has reportedly formed a dedicated team to build displays for Apple products

Samsung has reportedly created a team of around 200 employees to work exclusively on display technology for Apple products, as well as strengthening relations between the two giants.

American Express and Jawbone may team up for wearable payment service

A new report says that American Express will announce a partnership sometime later this week that will allow those credit card owners to pay for items by using a future product from Jawbone.

The report from The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, says that this payment setup for a future fitness wearable from Jawbone will work with retailers that have NFC-based check-out terminals in place

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Google’s got a team working on making battery tech better

Ever wondered why the batteries in your smartphones and other devices aren’t progressing as quickly as the rest of their features? Google has too, and so the company is doing something about it.

Google reportedly has a four-person team working on battery technologies inside its semi-secret Google X labs. The team is said to be headed up by Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj, who used to be a battery guru at Apple. The focus of the team’s efforts is said to be  [Read More…]

Google reportedly has a small team working on future battery tech

According to a new report, Google has a small team of researchers working on future battery tech for use in its devices.

The team or four is reportedly part of Google X, the same part of the company responsible for other Google projects such as its self-driving car and Project Loon.

Build a team of warriors and battle ghosts in Haunted Empire: Three Kingdoms

China’s Three Kingdoms era only lasted 60 years (CE 220-280), but it was one of the bloodiest in the country’s history. Following the fall of the Han Dynasty, three states warred against each other for control of the region. The time period is much romanticized both in traditional fiction and video games such as Dynasty Warriors and Romance of the Three Kingdoms, both from Koei Tecmo.

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Google reportedly looking to team up with carriers for free global roaming

Google is reportedly in talks with Hutchison Whampoa, owner of UK mobile operator Three, to allow consumers to use their smartphones abroad at no extra cost.

Marvel and comiXology team up to offer buy one, get one free deal on comics

Marvel and comiXology have teamed up to offer a buy one, get one free sale on Marvel comics on their websites from today, Feb. 20, through Monday, Feb. 23. When purchasing any number of Marvel comics either the Marvel or comiXology site, use the code MARVEL during checkout to to get an equal number of comics of the same or lower value for free.

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Latest Subway Surfers update lands the team in Hawaii

As part of the Subway Surfers World Tour, the gang have travelled to Hawaii in the game’s latest release. Players are tasked with surfing the new tracks, avoiding obstacles including massive mountains and rivers of lava. Simply put, it’s going to be a blast.

OnePlus unveils OxygenOS team, talks about new ROM

OnePlus has unveiled the new team behind its upcoming OxygenOS ROM for the OnePlus One. The announcement post also dealt with a handful of frequently asked questions, including why they’re creating the ROM, who’s in this new dream team and when will consumers be able to get their dirty paws on the download.

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