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OnePlus teases announcement of special project for March 3, not a phone

Just one more day.

What you need to know OnePlus has been tweeting out teases about a special project it has been working on. It will be revealed on March 3, 2020, and it is not a phone or commercial product. CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau, tweeted out a new hint this morning, “snow and 5G.”

OnePlus sure knows how to drum up some hype around its products. The plucky Chinese upstart has been doing it since  [Read More…]

Google mistakenly teases Android 11 before taking down preview page

As you’d expect, the company quickly ‘fixed’ its mistake.

What you need to know The Android Developer Preview website was the subject of much curiosity earlier today. The page made several references to Android 11, fueling rumors of an impending Developer Preview for the next version of Android. The page was quickly taken down, though, with all mentions of Android 11 expunged.

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Xiaomi teases launch of ‘power-packed’ new Redmi phones in India

Could it be teasing the Redmi Note 9 series?

What you need to know Xiaomi India has started teasing the launch of new Redmi products in the country. The Xiaomi sub-brand could be hinting at the launch of the Redmi 9 series. Redmi says the new devices are “coming soon.”

Earlier this week, Xiaomi’s India chief Manu Kumar Jain shared a teaser on Twitter for Redmi’s upcoming products. Even though no details were revealed in that teaser,  [Read More…]

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau teases 120Hz display for OnePlus 8

OnePlus is all set to make the switch to a 120Hz display this year.

What you need to know In a post on Weibo, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau revealed that the company has ‘completed research and development’ of 120Hz display tech. OnePlus is holding a Screen Technology Communication Meeting in China to highlight the work it has done around the 120Hz panel. The 120Hz screen will make its way to OnePlus’ 2020 flagship, the OnePlus 8.

High  [Read More…]

YouTube teases new docuseries about AI with Robert Downey Jr.

It’s dropping on December 18 next week, with new episodes available every week for free.

What you need to know YouTube just released a trailer for its new ‘The Age of A.I.’ docuseries. The 8-episode YouTube Original features Robert Downey Jr. tackling the rise of AI and its implications for the world at large. The first part will be available next week, on December 18.

YouTube just dropped a trailer for its upcoming documentary on AI. Titled  [Read More…]

Andy Rubin teases wild new smartphone design on Twitter

It’s tall but skinny.

Andy Rubin on Tuesday teased… something. The Android co-founder Tweeted images of a wild new smartphone concept that looks ready for your pocket. Is it the Essential Phone 2? Is it something completely different? We don’t really know. All we know now is that it looks weird.

New UI for radically different formfactor pic.twitter.com/Es8hFrTuxx

— Andy Rubin (@Arubin) October 8, 2019

Rubin called the device a “radically different form factor” with  [Read More…]

OnePlus teases seamless remote app with keyboard for its new TV

Words typed using the phone app show up almost immediately on the TV screen.

What you need to know OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has been posting teases on Twitter about the remote for the company’s new TV. The tweets show the seamless integration between the TV and remote. The TV is expected to launch on September 26 in India.

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Sony teases new Xperia Compact phone ahead of IFA 2019

The upcoming Xperia Compact smartphone may feature the same 21:9 aspect ratio as the Xperia 1.

What you need to know Sony has teased the launch of a new Xperia Compact smartphone. The new Xperia Compact smartphone is expected to debut alongside the flagship Xperia 2 at IFA 2019. Sony’s last Xperia Compact phone, the Xperia XZ2 Compact, was unveiled at MWC 2018.

At the Mobile World Congress last year, Sony introduced the Xperia XZ2 Compact along  [Read More…]

Xiaomi releasing Redmi phone with 64MP camera in Q4, teases 108MP sensor

Redmi phone with a 64MP sensor is coming in Q4 2019, and Xiaomi has plans to launch a device with a 108MP sensor next year.

What you need to know Xiaomi’s first phone with a 64MP sensor will make its debut in Q4 2019. The Redmi phone features Samsung’s GW1 ISOCELL sensor. Xiaomi is also working with Samsung to roll out a device with a 108MP sensor next year.

At a global event held in Beijing, Xiaomi  [Read More…]

OnePlus teases announcement for OnePlus 7 announcement

Yo dawg I heard you like announcements.

The OnePlus 7 is shaping up to be one of 2019’s most exciting smartphones, and thanks to OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, we now have a date to look forward to for when we’ll learn more about it.

On April 19, Lau tweeted the following:

Stay tuned next Tuesday for our launch event announcement 😁

— Pete Lau (@petelau2007) April 19, 2019

While the whole “announcement for an  [Read More…]