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Lenovo’s Eco Pro Backpack shows that green tech is more than just gadgets

As soon as I can leave the house with regularity, this green backpack is coming with me.

It’s not often that we do in-depth backpack reviews on this site, but when we do, they tend to be pretty special bags. We’ve featured dozens of great backpacks in our various roundups and reviewed many environmentally sustainable products, but this is the first time that I can remember an accessory that bridges both of those areas so well.

The  [Read More…]

Anker tech accessories are up to 48% off in the ‘Stay Smart at Home’ sale

Anker’s latest sale is full of savings on tech essentials every home office needs, from USB-C hubs and USB power strips to wall chargers are more. The Stay Smart at Home sale offers up to 48% off select accessories for a limited time, along with an 18-month hassle-free warranty on every purchase and free shipping on all orders over $ 20.

Some of the products on sale today feature a promo code that must be entered during checkout so  [Read More…]

Here are some easy ways to simplify those inevitable tech support calls

Did you try turning it off then turning it back on again?

I suspect that if you’re reading this article and you’re an Android Central regular that you’re pretty tech-savvy. You’ve probably also been called on more times than you can count to help solve some sort of (real or imagined) tech crisis for friends and family. For many like us, this deluge of calls and texts is usually centered around the holidays, but now that we’re  [Read More…]

Imint partners Qualcomm to advance video enhancement tech for smartphones

Qualcomm will assist Imint in developing power-efficient and AI-based video enhancement solutions optimized for its Snapdragon mobile platforms.

What you need to know Imint has partnered with Qualcomm to develop next-generation video enhancement solutions for smartphones. The two companies will be working together to come up with a suite of AI-based video enhancement solutions. Imint’s new Vidhance solutions are optimized for smartphones powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 chipset.

Last month, Swedish video technology company Imint announced its  [Read More…]

It’s not panicking: Keeping tech workers at home is the right call

Now is not the time for employees flying around the world, then coming back to sit in a crowded office building.

Coronavirus has officially been declared a pandemic and every time you look at news about current events you see another set of numbers, each higher than the last, telling how many people are infected or have tested positive. Amidst the warnings from actual health officials and the brush-off from politicians, you’ll also find more and more  [Read More…]

Tech companies to meet with White House regarding the coronavirus outbreak

They are discussing how to coordinate a response to the outbreak.

What you need to know Apple, Microsoft, and Google are part of a group of tech companies meeting with the White House today, March 11. They’ll be discussing a coordinated response to the unfolding coronavirus outbreak. Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter will also partake.

Apple, Microsoft and Google are among six firms who will meet with the White House today, March 11, to discuss coordinating a response  [Read More…]

Coronavirus updates: Tech companies urge full-time staff to work remotely

COVID-19 has spread to 108 countries around the world, and the coronavirus shows no signs of abating. The virus is proving particularly devastative in Italy, with the country seeing 366 deaths from over 7,000 cases, second only to China. COVID-19 has effectively shut down the airline industry, with most countries screening international passengers for signs of infections.

The coronavirus has had a huge impact on the tech industry, affecting the global supply chain and causing interminable product delays.  [Read More…]

How the recent coronavirus outbreak shut down the tech industry

The novel coronavirus presents long-term ramifications for the tech industry.

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc across the globe, infecting over 75,000 people and killing more than 2,000. An overwhelming majority of the cases are isolated to mainland China, and the country temporarily shut down all offices to contain further spread of the virus.

The shutdown has impacted daily life in China in a significant way. Beijing — a teeming metropolis of over 21 million people — has become  [Read More…]

Every tech business should have a .tech domain extension—here’s why

It’s hard to imagine, but the era of the dot com boom has been over for a good while. And yet, big companies continue to shell out huge sums for even the most obscure .com domains while the vast majority of startups settle for awkward variations on their brand for a website name.

And why? Conditioning, mostly. Businesses flock toward .com and .net extensions because they’ve always been there. But they’re far from the best option anymore, especially  [Read More…]

Google, Samsung and OnePlus topped the Future Tech Awards winners list

Over 100 different winners were crowned in the Future Tech Awards, and Google was one of the biggest winners with five different awards. With over 200,000 votes cast, our readers voted for the Pixelbook Go as the Best Chromebook of 2019. In the smart home, Google Assistant was voted the best smart assistant, the Nest Mini was the Best Smart Speaker and the Nest Hub Max was voted the Best Smart Display.

Alongside Google, there were wins for  [Read More…]