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Score double the minutes and data with any Tello mobile plan from $5/month

There’s no need to stay locked into paying for an expensive service provider anymore while companies like Tello Mobile exist. Tello is an affordable, prepaid service which uses Sprint’s network and has a variety of plans for less than $ 20 monthly. The best part is that you’re never locked into a contract and there are no fees to worry about; you only pay the cost of the plan you choose.

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What are the differences between Mint Mobile and Tello?

Larger network, more phones Mint Mobile

From $ 15/month at Mint Mobile

Pros Larger T-Mobile network Unlimited talk and text on all plans Hotspot included Works with most unlocked phones Save in bulk Cons Must buy in bulk Data maxes at 12GB

Mint Mobile uses the strength of the T-Mobile network to provide a reasonable amount of data with great coverage and speed. You can save more money by buying several months at once but you  [Read More…]

Is Tello Mobile using cellular or VoIP for calls?

Best answer: Tello is a small carrier that relies on Sprint’s network for phone calls, and as such, uses cellular for its services. You can choose how many minutes you want each month, ranging from 100 up to unlimited.

Cellular calling: Tello (From $ 5/month at Tello) Great value: Google Pixel 3a ($ 399 at Amazon) Tello uses cellular, not VoIP

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Not sure which Tello Mobile plan to get? We’re here to help

Best answer: Tello technically has just one plan, but it can be customized to your liking using the company’s Build Your Own Plan tool. You’re able to choose how much 4G LTE data and minutes you want (texting is included for free), and you can adjust your plan at any time should your needs change. No matter how you customize your plan, you’ll get free calling to Canada, Mexico, and China, in addition to mobile hotspot access.

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Tello is a great carrier if you use your phone’s hotspot a lot

Best answer: Yes, Tello Mobile does allow hotspot use. It’s included for free with any plan you choose, meaning you don’t have to pay a penny more just to tether with your other devices.

Free hotspot: Tello (From $ 5/month at Tello) Perfect for Tello: Google Pixel 3a ($ 393 at Amazon) Tello doesn’t charge extra for hotspot use

Tello is a wireless carrier with a ton of great features, including free hotspot access!

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The GameSir T1d is the controller you need for the Ryze Tello

Flying a drone with just a smartphone is convenient, but it’s not for everyone. When we’re flying the Ryze Tello, a great controller makes all the difference, and this is what you should be buying.

The GameSir T1d looks like a regular Bluetooth controller, but it has been customized to work only with the Tello for the best possible experience. If you’re using an Android phone, it’s the one you need to buy.

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Make your Ryze Tello go further with this affordable accessory

The Ryze Tello is a tiny drone you can fly with your phone and it’s not meant to go very far. Relying on your phone means a pretty tight range and sometimes choppy video, but with a cheap accessory and a few minutes of your time, you can make your flying experience a whole lot better.

Products used in this guide Amazon: Ryze Tello ($ 99) Amazon: Xiaomi USB Wi-Fi repeater ($ 12) Amazon: Anker PowerCore USB battery  [Read More…]

The Tello Quadcopter Drone can perform tricks and record 720p video for $79

Loaded with features with a great budget price.

Amazon has the Tello Quadcopter Drone on sale for $ 79. The drone normally sells for $ 100, and this price matches a deal we saw over Black Friday. Before that, the last deal we saw was way back in July and it didn’t drop this low.

This lightweight drone is a great option for new and young pilots and comes from DJI, a company that knows drones. It’s  [Read More…]

How Does Tello Mobile Stand Out From Other MVNOs?

If you’re on the verge of losing faith when it comes to reliable wireless carriers, take a look at Tello Mobile, the Sprint powered MVNO that made quite a splash in the market in the last year when it comes to outstanding prices and reliable service.

While it’s no secret that MVNOs are a cost-effective alternative to the big 4 carriers, not all offer the same value for money.

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Deal: Great holiday savings from Republic Wireless, US Mobile, and Tello

The holidays are here and that means Republic Wireless, US Mobile, and Tello are spreading some cheer with extra-special savings.

Republic Wireless – My Choice Plan

Get unlimited talk and text for $ 15/month, plus you can add 1GB of cellular data to the plan for an extra $ 5. You can bring your own compatible Android phone too! Republic Wireless is an MVNO service provider that uses WiFi first for calls, texts, and data. When WiFi is not  [Read More…]