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Google tests ‘query tiles’ for Chrome on mobile

Query tiles could speed up searches for common terms.

What you need to know Google is testing query tiles in Chrome. Query tiles are little search chips on the home page of the browser, serving as search shortcuts for popular topics. Search app users may find that they already exist in some form on the Google Discover feed.

Google is testing query tiles in the canary and developer versions of the Chrome browser, a new feature that  [Read More…]

Twitter tests restricting replies to tweets to cut down on harassment

Rolling out to a small percentage of users globally now.

What you need to know Twitter is testing a new feature that lets you choose who can reply to the tweet you’re composing. You’ll have three permission options to choose from, including only the people you @mention. Others will still be able to view and like your tweets, but not reply.

Twitter has a problem with harassment and unwanted replies, and it’s looking to alleviate that with  [Read More…]

Camera comparison: S20+ vs. V60 real-world tests

More versatile cameras versus more balanced colors

There are few features more important in a modern smartphone than the cameras, particularly when you’re spending somewhere in the ballpark of $ 1000 on your phone. The Galaxy S20+ is one of the top-ranking phones of early 2020, with excellent cameras and hardware, but its steep starting price of $ 1200 puts it out of reach for some consumers.

The LG V60 by comparison feels like a deal at “only”  [Read More…]

Amazon shuts down NYC warehouse after worker tests positive for coronavirus

Associates at the warehouse have been sent home with full pay.

What you need to know Amazon today confirmed the first coronavirus case in its warehouse in Queens. The individual has been quarantined, and the warehouse has been temporarily shut down. Workers at several Amazon warehouses across Europe have also contacted the virus.

Amazon today confirmed the first case of coronavirus infection in an American warehouse. A worker at its Queens delivery station, who tested positive for  [Read More…]

Tests reveal the Pixel 3 and 4 have abnormally slow USB transfer speeds

Some flagship phones are capable of transferring files two times faster.

What you need to know A recent test from Android Authority reveals that the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 smartphones have significantly slower USB transfer speeds compared to the competition. The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 were even slower at transferring files than the previous Pixel 2 and the original Pixel smartphone. Android Authority speculates the reason for the slower speeds must be either software  [Read More…]

Google tests a new autofill feature for SMS 2FA codes

It’s a little more convenient than the current copy and paste method.

What you need to know Google is testing out an auto-fill feature for SMS One-Time Passwords (OTP). This lets OTP fields automatically pull in verification codes from the texts sent to the Messages app. It’s enabled on beta builds of the Android Messages app.

Google is working on a new Android Messages feature that’ll make entering two-factor authentication (2FA) and OTP codes much simpler, and  [Read More…]

Google tests tab group sharing on Chrome for Android

It’s already available on Chrome Canary builds.

What you need to know Chrome first introduced tab grouping on mobile devices last year. It’s now testing a feature that would let users share all the tabs in a group. The change is already live in Chrome Canary and does not require enabling any flags.

Back in September, Google made a bunch of improvements to its browser, including the addition of customized themes for the desktop version. On the  [Read More…]

Google tests macOS-like ‘Quick Answers’ in Chrome OS Canary builds

Google Assistant is geting more to do on the desktop platform.

What you need to know Google is testing Quick Answers, a Chrome OS feature that uses the Google Assistant to provide resources based on highlighted text. Quick Answers works a lot like macOS’ ‘Look Up’ feature. Google is currently testing it out on Chrome OS 81.

Google is working on a new feature for Chrome OS — Quick Answers. Doing exactly what the name implies, Quick  [Read More…]

Facebook is expanding its dark mode tests on Android

More and more people are seeing the feature on their phones.

What you need to know Dark mode for the Facebook app on Android has been under development since at least August 2019. While the company has been tinkering with the feature for a while, the tests seem to have picked up pace as of late. WhatsApp Beta users also their taste of dark mode this week.

As Instagram and WhatsApp both flaunt their dark modes to  [Read More…]

Early tests call Google Stadia’s quality into question, and that’s a shame

The visual quality just isn’t that good.

Google Stadia is a cloud game streaming service that promises the best visuals given its power advantage over the competition. When the service was first revealed, the company said that it featured 10.7 teraflops (tflops) of computational power compared to 6 tflops for the Xbox One X and 4.2 tflops for the PlayStation 4 Pro. Naturally, gamers assumed that this would mean that every game was going to be at  [Read More…]