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Requesting a credit limit increase is easier than you may have thought

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A ton of credit cards allow you to request an increase to your credit limit. However, all of them have different methods of making that request as  [Read More…]

Is eero Pro a better value than Plume SuperPod in the long run?

Big mesh potential Eero Pro

$ 199 at Amazon

Pros Tri-band Wi-Fi Dual Ethernet ports Compact design Works with other Eeros Subscription for extras Cons Expensive No Wi-fi 6

The eero Pro sets out to be the base to a strong mesh network with tri-band capabilities and plenty of expansion options with all other Eeros. It comes in a compact tabletop design with two Ethernet ports and an easy setup procedure with the eero app.

  [Read More…]

Does the eero Beacon make more sense than a Plume SuperPod?

One-time charge eero Beacon

$ 149 at Amazon

Pros Works with any eero Compact plug-in design No subscription required Optional security features Cons No Ethernet ports Only dual-band

If you have an eero mesh system and need to expand your Wi-Fi coverage, the eero Beacon is a great option with a compact design that plugs directly into the wall. Its dual-band Wi-Fi will provide more than enough speed for most normal usage.

Fast with  [Read More…]

What better way to protect your Note 10 or 10+ than with Samsung cases

While wonderful cases for the Note 10 and Note 10+ are available from just about every case maker on the planet, Samsung’s official cases are still definitely worth considering. Samsung stepped things up a notch to provide some rather unique case options for its new lineup of Note devices.

Galaxy Note 10 Luscious leather Leather Back Cover

Samsung’s leather cases are certainly not its cheapest cases, but they are incredibly well made, and our managing editor swears by  [Read More…]

More than 20 games have made $1 million on Oculus Quest

A successful ecosystem is a happy ecosystem.

What you need to know The Quest is a standalone, fully-featured VR headset by Oculus and Facebook. It seems to be quite popular, with the headset regularly selling out. Facebook announced in a blog post that over 20 games have passed $ 1 million in revenue on the Quest. This revenue only includes money made through the Oculus Quest.

The Oculus Quest is a standalone VR headset that uses cameras  [Read More…]

Learn the Key Skills to Become an In-Demand IT Professional For Less Than $50

IT professionals, also known as IT specialists or computer professionals, make a solid living, with their average salary coming in at $ 62,751 according to PayScale. Many of these professionals are tasked with identifying the threats and vulnerabilities of internet-connected digital systems — which is absolutely essential in today’s cyber crime ridden environment.

If working with computer systems, networks, and data sounds like a rewarding career, then now is a great time to invest in some instructional courses that  [Read More…]

Does the eero Beacon make a better mesh expansion than Google Wifi?

Easy to place eero Beacon

$ 149 at Amazon

Pros Plugs directly into the wall Night light Works with any eero Supports dual-band connection Cons No Ethernet ports Only dual-band

When it comes to expanding your mesh, the Eero Beacon is a compact node that’s easy to place. It plugs directly into the wall and supports a dual-band connection with 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The Beacon works with all other eero mesh systems, making it a great fit  [Read More…]

Can you get a better mesh system than Netgear Orbi?

As more companies start to make mesh Wi-Fi systems, there are more options than ever to find the set that fits your precise needs. Whether you need more coverage or higher speeds, there’s a package that will work for you. The AmpliFi HD system from Ubiquiti is one of the most well-rounded mesh systems. It makes the transition easy with the coverage and features you expect in a traditional router with the added flexibility of a mesh network.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 is more likely to break than the S20+ or S20 Ultra

The Galaxy S20 Ultra was deemed the most durable.

What you need to know Third-party warranty provider SquareTrade recently tested the durability of the Samsung Galaxy S20 models. In its testing, SquareTrade found that the Samsung Galaxy S20 was the most prone to breaking. The Galaxy S20 Ultra fared best in all of its testing earning the breakability score of 70.

It should come as no surprise that phones these days are fragile, what do you expect  [Read More…]

Police abuse of location data causes more harm than good

Being innocent doesn’t stop you from being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Zachary McCoy enjoys riding his bike. It’s a great way to get a little fresh air and exercise, and millions like him do the same. McCoy also, like many other people, uses an app to keep track of his bike rides, and this put him in the crosshairs of Gainsville, Florida police as a suspect in a crime he didn’t commit. Welcome  [Read More…]